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Still Can't Reply

Urgh, it's doubly frustrating to be unable to comment when I have received such wonderful and supportive comments! I'm working on it!  Damn you Blogger!!

PS: I didn't say the community was mature, but the hobby itself had these mature qualities. I'm sure like everywhere, there are always going to be pompous turdholes to deal with.


The Real First BJD

Okay so I can't afford my Ashanti, and I know the Iplehouses aren't very good at the posing biz, but I know I won't want anything else for my character.

However, where I have wiggle room and a less terrifying budget is in her sidekick, a tough teenager who looks innocent but is deadly. Lucky for me I know exactly what I want and I don't. So let's look at the contestants:

Iplehouse Cecile. A little prettier than I had in mind but looks sufficiently bitchy.

 Iplehouse Daniel. Devious eyes.

But I might as well try a different company than Iplehouse. This character will be all about posing so she's gotta be able to move.  Spread the love around. I like the simplicity of Dollmore Model F-Malli.
 She's pretty versatile. I don't want her too sexy though. That pout might be too much. But very cute.

Dolls of Dreams Ony is in the running because of those big sad eyes.

 Do I love Dolls of Dreams Ducan or do I love his hair and outfit?

I think this homegirl might …

My Holy Grail BJD

[By the way, I STILL cannot reply to comments, so I'm sorry if it looks like I'm ignoring you. Thanks for the support "The Grandmommy!"]

So I figure your first BJD has to be special right? I went searching. I thought a lot of them looked alike and I definitely wanted an African American doll. But it was slim pickin's out there.

But I accidentally came across Dollmore's Keely Sum on the The Doll Page. Not sure how I felt about the open mouth but it kinda reminded me of FKA Twigs. I've never seen that girl's lips closed. I'm tempted to make an FKA Twigs wig. With sculpted baby hair and all. Anyway.

Keely is pretty adorable.
 And also pretty hot.
 Really versatile.

She can even do edgy.

And she was an okay goal but then I saw Iplehouse's Ashanti and I've been in love ever since. Sorry Keely.

I want this skintone and face-up. And hair and outfit. My character is a warrior for hire in a post apocalyptic world.  I don't know her name yet. B…

BJD: Vinyl to Resin

So I think people really wants to know why I am taking this plunge, or maybe you don't give a crap but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Maturity: Not saying that 1/6th folks aren't mature!!! But there is something very mature about the BJD hobby that is populated with so many young people. Depending on the company or customizations, you may have to wait up to forty effin' weeks. That is how long it takes to make a human. It takes patience. And you're going to take time to make the right choice. I'm resigning myself to not seeing my first doll until my bday in November. The dolls and accessories are not always cheap. You have to budget yourself, save up and earn that dang doll.You need a gentle touch when you're handling these dolls. You can't afford to damage them. They make special travel cases for them! Dropping them could mean seriously damaging a nose. They yellow in time and if you keep them in the sun. You have to find a place to keep them safe.(Crap…

BJD Transition

I'm basically through with 1/6th. I guess I've been done for some time, if I'm honest with myself. I can't resist a beautiful doll so I buy, then they sit in the basement, unloved, barely photographed.

Then my friend Crystal posted a pic of her Tulabelle and I was intrigued. I always had the 16 inchers in the back of my mind. Like one day I'd take it on but I really don't want two scales in one home. So Tulabelle took me to the big Poppies, which took me to FR:16 and I saw Hot Blooded Elsa. I decided in order to convert, I'd have to really fall in love. I loved Elsa but I wasn't all that happy with the others. And I wasn't too happy about the proportions. Many Tonner girls seemed stiff and sort of dead in the eyes. Even Sybarites, despite their unusual style, aren't particularly interesting. Do they just have that one mold?

I thought of Evangeline Ghastly. If I were to make this departure, it would have to be a doll that is a bit on the dark si…