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BJD Transition

I'm basically through with 1/6th. I guess I've been done for some time, if I'm honest with myself. I can't resist a beautiful doll so I buy, then they sit in the basement, unloved, barely photographed.

Then my friend Crystal posted a pic of her Tulabelle and I was intrigued. I always had the 16 inchers in the back of my mind. Like one day I'd take it on but I really don't want two scales in one home. So Tulabelle took me to the big Poppies, which took me to FR:16 and I saw Hot Blooded Elsa. I decided in order to convert, I'd have to really fall in love. I loved Elsa but I wasn't all that happy with the others. And I wasn't too happy about the proportions. Many Tonner girls seemed stiff and sort of dead in the eyes. Even Sybarites, despite their unusual style, aren't particularly interesting. Do they just have that one mold?

I thought of Evangeline Ghastly. If I were to make this departure, it would have to be a doll that is a bit on the dark side. But her eyes freak me out, her head is sorta big and she seems like...sort of a caricature of goth/horror. Like Monster High without the sense of humor.

Then, I decided to just check out BJD. It was always this universe parallel to us in 1/6th world. I was never much into anime and I knew they were expensive. Not to mention, I don't see much variety in skin color in that world.

But then I began to investigate. Youtube videos, websites. The more I saw, the more I liked. Now it's been a good 6 days of obsessive research and I'm sold. I'm going BJD. And I'm going to sell all my damn dolls to get there. Stay tuned. The sales will be here on the blog (and on Facebook).  But not until after we move, around April.

I'm going to be documenting my transition. I don't really have any BJD friends yet and I know my doll friend separatists will be eye rolling, so I'll be putting it here like a little online diary.  Bear with me.



  1. I was tempted with BJDs once...then as I kept watching them on different blogs I eventually became afraid of them. LOL Do what is in you heart. :-)

  2. The bigger dolls are fun to dress. I especially love the 16 inch FR dolls. Blessings on your transition.

  3. Oh yes the bjd longings! I have about four or five bjd's and have wanted an SD sized one for a while now. I have a MSD Soulkid and she is lovely, I adore her. the other bjd's are tinies- 2 Felix Brownies about four inches high and a Realpuki the same size and an anthro Dollfactory mouse . They are the dolls that literally are etheral in photos, and look like real children/adults. My plan for my SD I am looking at is for her to be my MSD's doll mother. The SD sizes are usually from about 20 inches to 23 inches, MSD dolls are sized at about 14-17 inches. I look forward to seeing what you settle on.
    For more info, you might want to try the Den of Angels message board, if you need me as a reference to join, let me know.

  4. Welcome to the BJD club! I too transitioned from 1/6th to 1:4 and just love it! I look forward to seeing where you go from here! (Oh BTW you might want to check out the Angelique De Nuit from Wilde( ) She has the Evangeline Ghastly body, but I think her eyes are way less odd!

  5. Good luck with the move & your transition to BJD. I swear I'm not rolling my eyes :O) I have an interest but I like the smaller ones a little better. Anything over 18" still puts me off. I will watch to see what you decide

  6. How neat! I have a Volks MSD I bought years ago. She recently started to shine just a little more brightly, and I got her out to play. I joined Den of Angels, and 'm almost BJD full time. I can't bring myself to sell all my Integrity dolls though. Just have to divert the dolly funds... why oh why cant' we have it all ?


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