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BJD: Vinyl to Resin

So I think people really wants to know why I am taking this plunge, or maybe you don't give a crap but I'm going to tell you anyway.

  • Maturity: Not saying that 1/6th folks aren't mature!!! But there is something very mature about the BJD hobby that is populated with so many young people. 
    • Depending on the company or customizations, you may have to wait up to forty effin' weeks. That is how long it takes to make a human. It takes patience. And you're going to take time to make the right choice. I'm resigning myself to not seeing my first doll until my bday in November. 
    • The dolls and accessories are not always cheap. You have to budget yourself, save up and earn that dang doll.
    • You need a gentle touch when you're handling these dolls. You can't afford to damage them. They make special travel cases for them! Dropping them could mean seriously damaging a nose. 
    • They yellow in time and if you keep them in the sun. You have to find a place to keep them safe.
    • (Crap, now I'm really reconsidering the wisdom of getting a puppy for the kids in a year.)
  • Budget: It seems at first that dropping like $800 on a doll is crazy. But think about it this way. I'll buy that one doll for the year. I might buy 10  Barbie/Integrity dolls over the course of the year. Then outfits, more furniture I don't need, foam core to make more room boxes, a doll house, spray paint to make unsuitably pink things bearable. In 2013, I spent about $2000 through Paypal alone. 
  • Community: I have met some of the sweetest people in this hobby. I have made some genuine friendships that I would have regardless of dolls. But looking at just a few BJD videos, I was like "These are my people!" Nerds, goths, geeks, cosplayers and general people that society thinks of as weirdos. For the first time in my life, I WANT to go to a doll convention. I want to go and meet people. FLESH people! And yeah, I'm afraid to be a newbie and being treated like one by the inevitable Mean Girls/Boys even though I'm damn near 40 years old and should be above all that. But I really want to go and I will bring my geeky husband he will totally have fun! Probably more than me! 
  • Learning new skills. I know that I like bringing life to old Barbie houses and vehicles. But with this new hobby, the focus won't be on the crowd of dolls but one doll who will help me finally work on photography, give my clumsy hand a bigger canvas for repaint/faceups. 
  • Craftsmanship: I watched a video on restringing the type of doll I want and I was kind of moved. It feels like old world craftsmanship. The way dollmakers of old put together their one of a kind creations. The focus on a smaller number projects done in a larger scale is so exciting.  Instead of  mass producing books of inferior quality for 4 different book shelves, I can work on making three really nice books with text and binding and crap. 
  • All you need is love: What is all comes down to is what quickens the pulse. What fills me with that teenage girl feeling of connecting with a really cute boy. I look at my list of future dolls and it's like when I was doing photostories I cared about. I'm daydreaming about these characters all day. I sleep and dream of them. Last night I dreamed I was pregnant and I know (upon waking) that I'm pregnant with BJDs! Okay that sounds weird.
Anyway, smooches,


  1. Have fun! I do whatever I want in whatever scale I want. LOL So, I say go for it!

  2. Don't _ever_ let anyone make you feel like your choices in doll and action figure collecting is wrong, suspect or stupid! I actually started out in this hobby with a Mini Super Dollfie (way back waaaay back when Volks was the only company making BJDs) and I loved them but long term they didn't meet _my_ needs. But that doesn't mean I don't admire so many of the ones that are out there and I am overjoyed to see how the market has expanded and the wide range of choices that are out there.

    You have found something that is going to bring you joy--and that IMO is never a bad thing! Go forth and Ball-joint! ;) And believe me, you'll learn the fun of them is just as great if not more than with the 1/6ers--but in a different way.

    Keep playing!

  3. Great for you! Follow your dreams! : )

  4. Huzzah to corsetkitten's comment!

    I'd also say that I wouldn't be too quick in calling the BJD community mature. LOL... there is quite a lot of entitlement and snarkiness in that community as well. Heck, they have whole websites dedicated to nothing but trashing other doll collectors. It's pretty lame, really.

    I think in the end you'll find it a lot like the 1/6 community, where there ARE people worth talking to (really great, amazing, awesome people!)... but there are also many who aren't. I have a feeling that's really more the nature of collectible hobbies.

    On that note, I welcome you to the BJD world! I have an Iplehouse Jessica, so I can absolutely understand your wanting an Ashanti XD They're beauuuutiful dolls... for me it's about the end photos, so I don't need them to be amazing posers XD.

    Another thing to note, a lot of BJD companies do layaway as well. It might be worth looking into. :)

  5. BJD's are a wonderful hobby and has some talented people who started out collecting because they were into anime and writing comics- at least the ones who came into my shop looking for props did. I love the fashion aspect of sewing for them. As well as the characters. (My bjd's always want me to make food for them, since, well I love creating miniature foods in larger scales) But your doll passion is your passion- it's what makes you creative! If 1:6 isn't doing it for you- then maybe another type of doll is. I have met some confrontational people in the bjd hobby- just a warning- but any hobby has a few bad apples. And bjd's can give you something the little fashion divas don't- a comforting feeling like you have described- this is how I came to understand how some of these collectors who are in college carry their dolls with them to class! I had one little gal who would come to the shop and she brought her SD with her all the time, the doll was her character in her comic book storyline she was creating- and the doll needed furniture,clothing, etc. The doll in effect was her muse and inspiration for the storyline as if the character was there, dictating. It was fun for me as it put a whole new aspect on the hobby. My MSD I purchased mainly because I wanted to sew 18th century gowns for her and thought that going bigger would help- and it did! I have loved reading your blog entries. As to the cost- well it is so easy to drop about the amount you are referring to on 7 or 8 Fashion Royalty dolls. I say go for it!

  6. This is one of those things that must seem pretty odd for people outside the hobby - "you're switching from one type of doll to the other and this is something that might make people upset??". :D But I guess any hobby will have subgroups like that. As someone who mostly owns thrift store Barbies but lately has begun to drift towards the strung and balljointed corner, I think both kinds of doll has their pros and cons. A hobby is supposed to be fun, so just go with what you like, I say!

  7. This is awesome, Dani! I hope you will be posting pics of your BJD and how you customize them. I love looking at the Flickr photos of them and try to figure out, how can I bring that type of edge to my Mattel collection. Cost, would be the only reason I couldn't collect...certainly not a nay-sayer. I say...collect on and let it bring you joy 'cuz that's what this whole hobby thing is supposed to do anyway. :-)


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