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The Real First BJD

Okay so I can't afford my Ashanti, and I know the Iplehouses aren't very good at the posing biz, but I know I won't want anything else for my character.

However, where I have wiggle room and a less terrifying budget is in her sidekick, a tough teenager who looks innocent but is deadly. Lucky for me I know exactly what I want and I don't. So let's look at the contestants:

Iplehouse Cecile. A little prettier than I had in mind but looks sufficiently bitchy.

 Iplehouse Daniel. Devious eyes.

But I might as well try a different company than Iplehouse. This character will be all about posing so she's gotta be able to move.  Spread the love around. I like the simplicity of Dollmore Model F-Malli.
 She's pretty versatile. I don't want her too sexy though. That pout might be too much. But very cute.

Dolls of Dreams Ony is in the running because of those big sad eyes.

 Do I love Dolls of Dreams Ducan or do I love his hair and outfit?

I think this homegirl might be the one. Dolls of Dreams E-an. She has an optional second head for an for about $20 cheaper than just getting a damn head and pay for the makeup separately. Maybe I'd use it as my first face up experiment?  I'd buy the half closed eyes at least (Tender E-An)

Sweet figure. Young but if she got freaky with another teen it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Okay this is like four blog posts today. Enough already Danielle.



  1. Lots of gorgeous choices here! Good luck! :)

    For what it's worth, I think a lot of the complaints about posing Iplehouse bodies are overblown. They're not the best, but they're no where near being even the bottom half, at least to my mind. I have 5 of their dolls and the only one that I would really complain about is an the old YID body, and they don't even make those anymore.

  2. Did you try finding and comparing photos of unpainted molds? Usually it says a bit more what you can expect than promos. :) Iples aren't that bad at posing as long as they're well stringed and their bodies are really beautiful. Good luck in looking for The One BJD. :)

  3. Dolls of Dreams Ducan reminds me a lot of Uruha from The Gazette! I'm very curious which doll will you chose and how will it look after your repaint and restyling!
    Are you planning on making dioramas too? Because dioramas are the thing I miss the most from your posts - 12' dolls or 16'', doesn't matter ,every doll can look interesting. But dioramas! Please don't forget about them!

  4. Hmm, I like Ducan's wig & outfit but not him LOL. I think E-an looks a lot like Anne Hathaway. Look at those wide eyes. I can see her in several outfits and wigs with no problems


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