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The Arrival of Kala

My first first-hand BJD has arrived!  She's a Dollmore Keeley Sum purchased through Denver Doll Emporium. She arrived with a broken foot joint so DDE is getting Dollmore to send me another. It was fairly distressing to open the package to THAT surprise, but she's so beautiful, she immediately captured my heart.

I recently made arrangements to sell Sunnie and I can see it is totally for the best. THIS is what a new bjd owner should feel. Something like maternal pride, an obsessive need to care for her.

Her working name is Kala (not Eden anymore). We'll talk about her back story in another post but for now, all you need to know is she's an early Neolithic woman. Here she is wearing a wig by D. Resin on Flickr. She's amazing.

This is Kala's stuff I've been collecting.

Here is a size comparison of the Dollmore Model F body and the older Dream of Teen by Dream of Doll body.

You know me, peeps, I have a need to make doll environments as strongly as my need to have dolls. So I rushed to get her hut started.

I cut some polystyrene foam to fit almost the length of this 6- foot table. I doubled it up and glued it with some tacky glue. It's in two pieces.

I'm not sure you can see here but I used a stick as a compass and marked out a half circle. I'm going to build a cross section of a circular hut.

The second piece will be the river bank. I have always wanted to work with realistic water so that will be part of this project.

I cut the river shape out of one of the foam sheets.

Weighed it down all the layers forever and ever (a few hours).

I painted her camp. Inside the hut, I'm going to do some fake dirt. Maybe tea? Then grasses and rocks and moss and stuff outside the hut.

Here I painted to riverbank. I'm to have to devise a method to keep the realistic water from spilling over. Maybe some wax paper and masking tape.

Here I gather supports for the hut. I was gonna buy dowels but remembered all these young twiggy trees I cut down a couple of weeks ago.

And some thinner twigs for weaving between the supports.

 My mom brought me some seashells from Haiti in this straw bag. So I cut it in half but the shape was very rounded so it wasn't working out as my mat. I soaked it in water for a while, then flattened it out between two towels and weighed it down. It's pretty flat now. I'll cut it down a bit the glue the edges to keep it from unraveling.

And so it begins. I made a hole with a sharp tool, then added some glue and pushed in the supports.

Then I began weaving.

This is gonna take a lot of friggin' twigs. I have a very viney yard, so I went and picked dead looking ivy. My dad suggested that to kill small bugs in dead wood, instead of baking it, you can stick it in a black plastic bag in the sun for a few hours. So it's out there baking with many more small branches.

When I run out, I may end up using some kind of twine. Cheater.

Then what? I've been debating the next step with my husband. It might be papier mache pulp, maybe clay mixed with straw. Maybe plaster cloth? I hear it's easy to use... Or could I use a homemade clay mixed with straw like cornstarch or something. Does that need to be baked? Whatever.

Then the roof. I'm thinking of making a cone of  poster board and covering it in layers and layers of straw.

Now let's bask in her beauty. She even looks good with a flash.

  I think I'm going to make her a loincloth so homegirl can feel at home.



  1. I'm loving your progress so far. I'm interested in the hut, water and HER most of all. You are a creative soul. I can't wait until your next installment. I hope it won't take too long to get Kala fixed. How tall is she in inches?

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited to work on this project! She's about 26 inches in height. I'm so happy with her, even with her flaws.

  2. My heart was hurting so bad when you told us that Kala foot was broken! The project is coming along nicely, you are so talented. I can't wait to see what's next!

    1. Thanks Ebony! Man, those cavemen had their work cut out for them. A lot of twigs have gone into this so far and it's only 1/3 size! I'll keep the blog updated now.

  3. Kala is so pretty! I love this wig on her I can't wait to see her home (hut).

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl! I'm so excited to have her. I can barely concentrate on work, thinking of materials to use for the landscaping!

  4. You did it! Congrats! She is bee yoo tiii fuuul !These resin kids..... no words :) I wish you as much fun a I have with mine.

    1. Thanks SC Doll House. And her mate will be arriving in a few months. Dang, am I going to have to build him a forest? (maybe)

  5. She's gorgeous! Congratulations on bringing her home.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of the environment - that's such a clever idea!

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous! I would have liked her eyes a shade of brow or even green. I wand to see that river! I love the idea!

  7. Lovely, lovely doll - warrants the repeat, lol.

    Nice to see you setting her a scene. Hi, Kala!

  8. Congrats on the amazing doll! I hope you have her fixed really fast. It is very interesting to see the steps of your work on her surroundings. Very creative!

  9. She so beautiful. One of the pretiest sculpt of BJD I've ever seen.


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