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Doll Dyeing

So I had this BJD friend with this sad doll that I just fell in love with.  I knew they had issues bonding and I knew that baby had to be mine. I told her to let me know if she ever wanted to sell. She didn't do that but listed her anyway. (I thought we were cool, man.)  I was very lucky that the first person who wanted her stepped aside.  I thought if I lost this girl I would have a breakdown.

You see, she was very special.  She had a history.  Here's what I can gather:  she was purchased by this shady ass dude in the hobby. Everyone knows he is shady. 
So he hired a faceup artist to paint the face and give her scarring. He never explained that he wanted raised scars, not gashes in the resin.  I've seen the proof that she wrote up the agreement for this guy and the work was just GORGEOUS.

He claims she damaged it. Whatever.  So apparently there were attempts from this guy to sell her with no luck and he eventually gave it away and my doll acquaintance won her.  She dyed h…

Project Doll Update

Hi Folks,
A name popped into my head this weekend for my project doll: Antonella. It was the name of one of the girls in my sister's girl crew when she was in middle school. As I was four years younger than them, they were were godlike in my eyes. 
I've been hesitant to work on her. She may be sculpted terribly but it's still better than what I can do and I don't want to mess up what little engineering there is in these joints. 
So I mostly just filled in the craters and bubbles with Apoxie Sculpt and sanded some trouble areas (everywhere).  

I started to lose hope but then I dyed her and I feel much better. Many of her flaws are now hidden.  

After:  (yeah her elbows joints are flipped around. They are slightly better fitting than this.)

So here is her diorama.  It's one of those paper boxes from JoAnn's:



I've since updated the purple side, adding a bit of lace trim where the scrapbook paper sheets meet.

We're getting …

YouTube Video: Argonautica Zet

Hi Folks!  I thought it might be nice to post my YouTube videos here. I just got in a new boyfriend and he's the hotness!  Come check him out. And subscribe if you like. Or don't, this ain't my career.

Smooches, Dani

Project Doll

I was going to give you a bio for everyone but it's really important to me to do whatever I want.

And what I want is to share this project. 

So a friend of mine was giving away a doll to the first one to ask. I HAD to have her. Black BJDs light my blood on FIYAH!  I was second. The first one fell through or something and I kinda feel like she knew this doll would have a good home with me anyway.

I was so happy when I received her. But y'all?  She is a hot mess! It's not the owner's fault. I'm not even sure if it's the artist's fault. I know it was the artist's personal doll. Was this the first draft? Folks, this doll is a real piece of shit. I'm amazed at how shitty she is. But I love her and she needs me.

Photos for your vicious judgement:

Aw, she ain't so bad, you say. You are wrong.

This ear grows directly out of her jawbone.

The ragged head cap.

Her upper lip just melts into her face.

Are those pin pricks supposed to be nostrils?

These knee…

So Yeah...

Hi Folks,
It's been a minute, huh? I'm going to attempt to bring this blog back to life.  It has been a missing part of my hobby and my SOUL. 
Facebook isn't going directly to doll peeps, Instagram is phone-based so uploading pics from my camera is a like an 8 step process and doesn't encourage any writing.  And though I do have a youtube channel, I always express myself better in the written word. And my website? What is that thing even for?  My comic timing, my rambles are much easier to edit in written form.
So maybe we'll start off introducing each doll or doll family. We can have stories here or blurbs or whatever. And it's not as static as on the website.  But for now this is just my Intent to Return. 
Here's a photo because y'all are into that shit.

Smooches, dani