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First Day of Class

Well it's about time to get started with Dolly U. I am still lacking in supplies and there is a big sale at a local dollhouse store, so that's where my paycheck is going. But I don't want to slack off before I begin, so I'm going to do a warm up assignment using materials I already have. Join me if you like.

Two years and two months ago, I had a baby shower for my eldest, Iris. My mother, from whence my creativity springs, made me an umbrella (apparently a shower tradition) in keeping with my rain forest them. This is what it looked like:

Of course the minute the shower was over, I'm ripping off these hot glued items so I could use them for crafty projects. Most of the stuff is still in storage, though I did use a lot of it for Josephine's Rainforest Adventure:

Anyway, because I still have these materials, my warm up will be making a doll plant. This is only the warm up because I don't feel like doing the doll greenery chapter yet. But stay tuned. I'll b…

Dolly U. Banners

While I gather tools and procrastinate about starting my classes, I couldn't resist a little side project.

I wanted to make myself some Dolly U banners. People with sites and blogs always seem to have them, so I thought I'd try it.

So I took a few shots and really got into it, so I ended up doing one for nearly every subject. And some that don't exist yet. And I ended up creating a little doll world for Alanna and getting interested in a different scale altogether. Anyway, check 'em out.