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Checking in with Remi and Bailey. Pics Galore!

I have missed Grandville's It Couple, Remi and Bailey. They are so cute together. Why does Bailey always look like she's greased up for a cold day outside? I need to get homegirl some powder or something.

Speaking of a cold day outside, Bailey and Remi took advantage of the first Grandville snow.

"Remi, what are you doing?" Bailey sings.

"My mascara! We had a deal, man!"

[I submitted this picture to The Traveling Twig's Adventurer's Club! Come join us and share your photos! A different theme every month. I don't generally do this sort of thing but I couldn't resist the fun.]

This was the first one I submitted but I had a change of heart. They both have crazy eyes in each so whatever.


"Ah, a girl could get used to this treatment!"
"Could you really?"
"Hell yeah."

"We have a good time together right baby?" Remi asks.
"Yeah, you're relatively tolerable."

"I mean i…

Introducing Ayumi

I haven't been feeling particularly inspired with stories in Grandville, but their plastic lives are being led, with or without my story telling. And I have to practice my photography so instead I'm going to do a Cliff Notes if you will, of what has been going on in Grandville and who all these new characters are.

First up, Ayumi. I might give her a new name at some point. I hate keeping the Integrity name but sometimes it just happens. She is a Korean supermodel who uses her funds to support her research as an astrophysicist. She got her Ph.D. at 18.

This is Ayumi's house. Well, one of them.

This is Ayumi's boyfriend of 10 months, Raj Nirvana. He's a yoga instructor.

They have a harmonious relationship.

Still, she wonders about that girl Marie. They seem to do a lot of talking after his yoga class.

Ayumi loves hanging out with her girls. Nothing quite as fun as a day of shopping.

Claire sighs, "How weird to have a bank account. How weird to give someone al…

Back with My Doll Peeps

Hello doll friends!

Ah it's good to be back. I can't wait to share what's been up. First off, I finally got a new camera and I am stoked about the difference it makes. I still have a lot to learn but you'll agree, a marked improvement.

So let's get started.

I've been focusing on constructing some building fronts on Grandville.

First up, Remi and Bailey's loft:

Sorry it's blurry but it's the only one that got the entire front. Yeah yeah, I said I have a lot to learn.

Uh, someone's gonna have to duck to get in the door. I hate making doors soooo much. Corset Kitten will be selling some soon. Can't wait!

The crackle effect is painting one layer of acrylic paint, then after dry, painting with a layer of Elmer's glue (I used the clear kind). While wet, paint with a contrasting color and watch the magic happen.

The light fixture is part of the Jonathan Adler Barbie lamp and the clear cover from a record needle case.

Next is Mistress Ava…