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Introducing Ayumi

I haven't been feeling particularly inspired with stories in Grandville, but their plastic lives are being led, with or without my story telling. And I have to practice my photography so instead I'm going to do a Cliff Notes if you will, of what has been going on in Grandville and who all these new characters are.

First up, Ayumi. I might give her a new name at some point. I hate keeping the Integrity name but sometimes it just happens. She is a Korean supermodel who uses her funds to support her research as an astrophysicist. She got her Ph.D. at 18.

This is Ayumi's house. Well, one of them.

This is Ayumi's boyfriend of 10 months, Raj Nirvana. He's a yoga instructor.

They have a harmonious relationship.

Still, she wonders about that girl Marie. They seem to do a lot of talking after his yoga class.

Ayumi loves hanging out with her girls. Nothing quite as fun as a day of shopping.

Claire sighs, "How weird to have a bank account. How weird to give someone all your money to hold and then pay to access it. I just bury mine. All over town. You never know when you're gonna need it."
"You're so bizarre, my love."
"Can you spot me a twenty?"

Shopping is so much fun. Pity there's only one shop in Grandville!

Dang, now I have to get her a bunch of sciency stuff. I don't even know what an astrophysicist would have around. A big telescope? Well she has a good house for it.

Anyway, that's Ayumi so far.

Craft Time!

My mom got the kids this for Christmas. My girls are really not into Barbie so this got ignored after a day. I asked them if I could have it and they agreed. I asked three separate times. Just so you know that I'm not a monster.
 I had this dollhouse sticker tile for like 3 years. I know I like to change rooms around so I didn't want to put it on a wall. I needed a kitchen with its own backsplash. Voila!  This is on the top floor of Ayumi's house.



  1. I really love your blog. The detail is exceptional but it retains the feeling of toys being played with. I also want my scenes to retain the effect of being dolls. I want a level of reality and impressiveness but it mustn't become to real and lose its child-like quality. You put in a lot of effort. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Duke. I know what you mean. I do like very realistic doll photography but some go as far as photoshopping the joints out.

  2. Oh my goodness what a change to that kitchen. It looks amazing now. See, I bet if they toned down the pink they would sell more units.

  3. Hi Ayumi! Good luck with your supplies! Love the kitchen...right now trying to soft soak my grandson for a 1:12 cool chopper motorcycle he got for Christmas. lol

  4. I agree with the Duke, I much prefer the " realism" of plastic. I'm not a fan of seeing doll joints photo shopped because I think it takes away from the imagination and hard work it takes to pose them. :-) Ayumi is GORGEOUS! I like Raj's new identity, it suits his look. They're a hot looking couple but I can totally see his possible appeal to Marie, she's got her own hotness goin' on.

    Ayumi and her girls might be my new fav clique of Grandville. They've got gee at chemistry! That's what I always have truoble with, the placement of friends.

    Awesome Dani! Always love the quickies...the town is looking more and more elaborate. :-)

  5. I love the new yoga couple. They look great together. Love the revamped kitchen. The tile is perfect. Nice pictures, too. The new camera is doing it's thing.

  6. I adore your peeps (dolls) and I'm wowed by the kitchen makeover. I got two of those for Aaron's retaurant you just gave me the push to revamp them.

  7. Wow, impressive scenery and houses. Love your background set ups.

    For the science-techy accessories, I would try the action figure accessories. They have a good range of stuff and sometimes you can get pieces as opposed to buying an action figure set fully equipped with stuff and pricey. Or mini-magnets ....

    Happy diorama and story creating.

  8. I love love love your kitchen makeover!


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