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Grandville Summer Festival!

Hello doll friends,

First up, I gotta show you this. My 4 year old was playing with my Barbie cast-offs and set up this little scene. (That yellow thing on the table is a TV shaped eraser.) Dig the lamp she made with a wedding cake and the pole from maybe a Barbie dress form? Adorbs.

Anyway, this weather (raining pretty much daily for the last month or so) has wrecked my spray painting plans. Much of the royal storyline rests on this painting project. So for now I decided to continue the other stories I have going.


"Ho-ly crap, what on earth are you wearing?"
"Aw, Sook, I feel bad enough."

"Seriously. You are wearing khakis. You look cray cray. You're like somebody's mom right now. Please explain this situation."
"My boss said my outfit was too sexy so I had to borrow something from Le Skater Dork over there at the cafe. Jeez, now I owe her one. Oh crap Channel 1 News is here."

"Thanks John. Lavita Terrell here at Grandville Park for the annual Summer Festival. Behind me here we have some lovely flowers being sold by local teens Penny and Sooki. Gotta keep them occupied, right folks?

"Cafe Boulanger is here, represented here by responsible teen, Maura [ah! Finally a name!] with their fantastic coffee and delicious pastries.

"Carmen Kirpachi is making a rare appearance, offering tarot, palm and crystal ball readings.
 "Aria Figueroa is selling an array of perfumes, lotions and other beauty items.

"Scottie-Beth, formerly a pilot for La Sirene airlines, now manning the produce stand we've all come to enjoy in Grandville.

"Later today, local rockers, The Vinyls will be playing. So come on down to Grandville park before you miss all the fun!"

Dani and Pia have just been introduced by their sisters and are feeling out the possibilities of friendship.
Marisol entered the gypsy's tent but was skeptical, "I don't believe in this stuff. If you're a psychic, what's my name?"
Carmen laughs. "It doesn't exactly work that way, but...I am getting an impression.The sun? The sun and the sea? Sun and sea. Mar y sol."
Marisol is dumfounded. "Okay, let's talk about my future, Madam Carmen."

"Mom, are you going to buy anything or not?"
"Meh, I dunno, what's good?"

Nikki and Judah enter the park.

"I'm so nervous," Nikki says, taking his hand. "I never dress like this. This is very short. This is obscene, I should go change."

"Nonsense. I think you look beautiful. And hot."

 Shameless PDA ensues.
"Oh I see Dani over there. Come, I'll introduce you."
 [I love how Nikki looks like she walks like a neanderthal.]

"Oh, look. It's Nikki, Penny notices.
"And Mr. Snow!"

 "Oh hey! Hey, Nikki?"

"Hey, how's it going? Hi Mr. Snow! So...You two, huh?"

"Listen girls," Judah says calmly. "I'd rather you didn't mention this to Raven just yet, okay? Can I ask you to do that?"

"What? Totally! It's in the vault! You can trust us! Totally," they both said over each other's words.
"Yup, we're screwed. You better call your kid."

Okay that's the end of part one folks. More in a few days.

But wait, there's more.

Here's the park from afar. Included because I love when you guys do that. 

And when I was moving dolls around, I saw this:

Interesting....I feel another twist coming on folks! But Lavita will certainly not be into sharing...



  1. Aw, Penny. It's so nice not to see her drunk, and even better seeing her trying to clean up her act...well at least for work. Nikki and Judah look smashing together, but I hope she doesn't try to change so much for him, although she does look fierce in that dress! Can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. I think Penny's sister is being a good influence. For now anyway. I think Judah is a good guy who won't ask Nikki to change, but who can resist a little leg?

  2. It's always nice to see your wonderful park. I love the palm reader. I have that same little round rug. It's perfect in her little tent. I'm with Nikki on that dress. Every time I put it on a doll, I think, man this is skimpy. I can see why Judah likes it. Your daughters scene is too cute. She's catching on fast. Soon you will have a little assistant.

    1. Thank Vanessa. Did you get it from that dollhouse store in Lawrenceville? Love that place.

    2. I think I did get it from there, on clearance. I keep forgetting you are right around the corner. I would love to do lunch with you and the girls sometime.

    3. That would be awesome, Vanessa!

  3. Love your set up. I love to see the behind the scene pics also. You have a nice collection of dolls.

  4. I think I am completely in love with Madam Carmen. The shots with her in them make you feel like you're having your own reading. :) And you know I LOVE a good twist! As I suspected the park and festival are excellent in setup and design. You never let us down with your innovative dioramas. *hugs*

    1. Thanks for the support honey! One of these days I have to tell Madam Carmen's story!

  5. Did I mention how much I love your posts? They're a glimpse in the darkness of the blogosphere boredom! And Judah is cool!

    1. Thank you so much Sergio! That means a lot to me. As long as I have my niche of darkness covered, I feel good!

  6. I love seeing your park and how you used it. I really like the tree and the lanterns! They add a nice detail to the scene. Did you make them? I need a tree I can move around. I love, love, love seeing Skipper! There was a lot of interesting things going on! Great Job! BTW, I think you daughter will be needing her own blog soon!

    1. Thanks Ms. Leo.

      I found this hideous little tree at a flea market. The Hubs tried to talk me out of it because it looked fake. It sort of looked like a weeping willow. So I attached some faux greenery, wrapped it in florist tape and painted it. Then I did some flocking with tea at the base. I wish it was more lush but I guess it serves its purpose!

  7. Love the behind the scenes shot! I was not informed that wearing khakis is cray cray. LOL, I am so glad I know that now.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I'm wearing khakis right now but if you're a 17 year old goth girl, yeah it's really bad form to be rockin' khakis.

  8. Nikki and Judah seemed to have heated the park up all on the own. Love that scorching kiss!

  9. Wow, someone's been busy! The park looks amazing! Glad you showed a panoramic!

  10. I love the teen girls' denial - "What? Totally! It's in the vault! You can trust us! Totally." Mr. Snow, you are is trouble. lol

    Love your group scenes AND the reveal of the Park at a distance. Still looks great in the doll photos.

  11. I love the way you did your park on an angle that way! I have one but it takes up a lot of room. Each booth is just right! Why not ask your little one what was happening in her little scene and share it with would be her debut. lol


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