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As promised...

I shot all these in my new park and realized, I dunno, maybe it's the lightness of the background and my inexperience with lighting, but every single shot was blurry. So I had to scrap it all and do it again.

Here's a little background and some catch -up info: As you may remember, Tallulah was educated in NY, then abroad. At Zolandia University. There she was a friend of Princess Victoire and lover of Prince Victor. Their love was a secret one and Tallulah knew it would never last. Later he would run away from the crown, marry Miss Fear and impregnate her with Dani (who they gave up for adoption). Tallulah gave up any dreams of Victor and moved on. But she never forgot the magical connection they had.

Tallulah often wakes up early to head down to the farmer's stand in Grandville Park.

"Good Morning Miss Wilde."

 "Good Morning, teenage person. Have you any leeks today?"

On the other side of Grandville Park are Prince Victor and his manservant Mr. Bates (sorry couldn't help it. I had Lord Grantham in my head the entire time I was posing Prince Victor. And if you don't get that reference, honey! We need to talk.)

"Your Serene Highness," Mr. Bates begins. "Do you not think it a bit dangerous for you to be out and about?"

"Why Bates, it is a fine day out and 5 am besides."

"I'm tired of being cooped up in that hotel. It's time to see this town. I think I'll get some fruit from that fruit stand."

"Sir, please. I beg you to let me do that for you."
"I'll not hear of it, Bates. I'm certain I can order fruit for pity's sake."
"You there! Girl. I'll have one of your lovely apples."

"Pardon me sir!" Tallulah snaps.

"Gasp! Victor, can it be you?"

 Tallulah drops into a curtsy. "Your Serene Highness, forgive me."

"None of that here Lula. I'm in hiding."

"We were never here."

"Lovely town, Grandville. Have you lived here long?" The Prince asks.

"Victor, what are you doing here? You know Zolandia is in an uproar over your disappearance. They don't want your sister on that throne."

"I'm here to find my daughter. Now I've found her and she won't speak to me."
"And you are here until she does?" Tallulah asks.

"I might be here for good. If she agrees to it, I will give her the crown and say goodbye to Zolandia forever."
A flush creeps up Tallulah's face.

"Say you'll have dinner with me tonight, Lula."


"It would be improper. You may have silly dreams of abdicating, but you are still the ruler of Zolandia. You can't afford to be with a woman like me. With a family history as sordid as mine."
"I don't care about that Lula. I never did. And it is no silly dream. I mean to do it."

"Well I suppose I'd better make dinner at my house. Since you're in hiding and all. Just...leave Mr. Bates at the hotel."


  1. The Bates references are killing me! "Leave Bates at the hotel." Hilarious. Lovely story.

  2. I agree with Vanessa, the Bates references are a riot... also, this line "Good Morning, teenage person. Have you any leeks today?" had me rolling, HILARIOUS... and that poor girl working the stand -_-;;

    As for blurry pics... do you have a tripod? Get a tripod and all blurry problems should be resolved... then set your camera to "self timer" so you don't accidentally jostle the camera while hitting the shutter button!!!

    Also, it looks like your camera under-exposed the images... which they tend to do when things are all white (they always try to make things grey... so when it sees white, your camera thinks "OMG, TOO BRIGHT!!!" and tries to change the white to grey) ... so you can adjust your camera about 2 stops (if you've got a camera that lets you do things manually) and that should help too :)

    1. Oh Heather, I wish I cared enough about photography. In real life, whenever I get to the important part of the movie, where they explain the entire story behind the plot, my mind is always in another world. That is what happens when I read about photography tips. Sigh.

      I have a tripod and a mini one but I never like the angle I get. It's too far from the subjects. Oh well, whatever.

  3. I really enjoy your very real posts. They look cool and your sceneries are very nice. i also like that it retains a playfulness.

  4. Love your new guys ... Don Draper and Rock Hudson by Mattel, hmm? Were they on poser bodies? (A snoopy person asks ;-D) Thanks in advance.


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