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A Trip to Zolandia Before We Begin Again

I just know I'm going to forget this in the list of updates and shots of new dolls and stuff.

I did a photoshoot with Dani which will appear in the Zolandian, Zolandia's most important news source.

But I did them with my crappy old camera so they're not worthy of creating a complicated layout for. Maybe we'll revisit this later. Probably not.

Zolandia's Ringleader:

The Gentle Lady

The Reluctant Debutante

The Jilted Bride


Punk Princess

Your Friendly Neighborhood Sovereign

The Official Royal Portrait (Will be changed, not crazy about the green with her complexion)

See you soon.


Don't Call it A Comeback

Call it ANOTHER comeback.
Anywho loves, I'll be back, okay? Look for me after the new year. It's cold and lonely out there without you guys. 
New dolls! New houses! Improved homes! A new camera! And after the new year, more sales, more trades! 
But seriously, I have really missed our community. And let's face it, I love to write much more than I can fit in a status.
Yeah I don't have any new pics with me so here's one of the once and future doll lover (me) with the twinkle of the evil that would later come. (I'm not really evil, I just play evil on Facebook)

smooches dudes! Dani