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Introducing Nymeria and the Alurium Vaccarra

Ever have a couple of days off Facebook and though you wonder what happened to your friends over the long weekend, you can help feeling a little peaceful?

That's how I feel in my week of staying off the blogs and forums and various sites. But I missed a lot! So many cool posts! It's going to take a while to dig myself out.

One must wonder, did my creative spurt have something to do with not being all over the web looking at what everyone else is doing?

Anyway let's get to it. So on my birthday, my three Stardolls arrived! Aside from the outfit, that Paris one was not cute. I dunno, she's too boring looking. But Iris was THRILLED that she got a new, dressed doll. Well for a few minutes anyway.

Did you know that they can't bend their legs? Like they can't sit down? Terrible. Anyway, the other two were great! Inspiring.

Meet Valentina. A Columbiana who restores classic cars. She was very happy with a Liv body. She might be Nadia's next girlfriend, we'll see how they vibe.

Next is Zarrin Chen, stepdaughter of Mama Fear. She is a party promoter so basically is a full time party girl. She is always on the phone or on her laptop (and is my excuse to get a doll ipad).

And let's talk about my other projects:

Mama Fear. This is my first attempt at wrinkles! Not too shabby. But man her eyebrows need help!  And her mouth. We have to do something about that smile. I'm also working on changing her eye color. This is after a layer or two of brown. When I get a bit more practice, we'll try to make her eyes a bit less optimistic.

Bamboo for Mistress Ava. Not perfect, but I'm happy with it for now (read: I have no energy to go through more BS with this thing). I might add some sand at the bottom or go fishing in our creek for smaller pebbles.

Other things in progress: the sidewalk. It's too dark and I haven't done my black wash over it yet, so I have to lighten it up and then blacken it. Then add some grime and weeds and cracks and splotches and stuff. It's been kind of fun and kind of frustrating.

Same with my park area. My attempt to make hedges was great but using twigs to hold it into my styrofoam base is...challenging. I'll try again tonight and see what happens.

Okay okay enough of my rambling. Let's visit outer space.

["Alurium Vaccarra" written in mysterious alien language (or braille, whatever) along the bottom]

 "Hi, I'm Nymeria" [my first repaint! So excited!]

 "Welcome to the Alurium Vacarra." [made entirely out of found or donated materials]
 "Here we have the main control panel" [packing styrofoam, mini picture frame, pins, glass tile with cut out from a blue plastic folder, some silver knob thing that I found in my junk box, pieces from an old Palm Pilot]
 "This panel here controls my comfort. Temperature, nutrition, etc."
 "My maker said something about making me some clothes but really that's just a silly human thing."

 "This is where I eat and keep my trinkets collected from around the galaxy. I like to travel."

"You're looking at me through the window."
"This is my chair for chillin'." [bean bag flinger toy plus yoyo base]

"Unlike you full humans, I don't need sleep, but I do recharge in my relaxation chamber. With my headpiece, I stay connected to the ship." [tube came with a 1/6th skeleton model. Headpiece is a piece of spiral notebook binding, attached to wires, then filled in with hot glue]
 "And here we have the Stone of Amaranth. It is helping to power this ship. But it is so powerful, I have to bring it to Earth to be kept safe from my enemies. You MIGHT hear more about that later."

Ooops, realized I didn't get a shot of the full ship. There is still some trim and stuff that needs to be added as the pieces come to me. Haven't fully raided my Dad's garage.

I attempted some dreadlocks and some mohair but neither was very pleasing. I'll keep trying. That's what this is all about!



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  2. Ok, I know it's the last part of the post but I have to comment on Nymeria first. She looks amazing!! She has a very sweet n' sexy look to her. I dig her ship too, very creative! I think she looks cool nude.

    Mamma Fear's wrinkles look very nice! I can't wait to see her completed. Her brows don't look bad to me. And...Cat did an amazing re-root on her.

    Zarrin, is gorgeous! She will be my second to last Stardoll. I like Valentina on a LIV body, it suits her. Gives her that whole tomboy look. As for the Stardoll body, I don't know what Mattel was thinking (once again)not allowing the doll to even sit down. Just weird. :/

    Great post!!

  3. Love Nymeria , she does look amazing. I like Valentina on a LIV body,again what was Mattel really thinking!!! Who needs another doll that does not have articulation even so she cant sit? A friend of mine gave me a gift of three S.I.S dolls. I was like super excited! I took them out of the box and bam!!! their bodies were hard plastic and not a flex in them! That was a first for me with S.I.S dolls. Very weird indeed.

    Ok from a repaint artist point of view lol, the trick with the eyebrows is to remove them completely! Then take a pencil with a soft lead and sharp point and lightly draw them on first. Then take a very fine paint brush (almost like a few strands of hair) you can cut the tip of one down to get to this thin size, and follow your outline of the pencil until you can do it free hand yourself :) it worked with me when I first started repainting.

    For the eye color, it is best to remove the total eye color lol. However if this is a little intimidating, take a tooth pick and a piece of cotton. With the cotton, take and put a small amount onto the tooth pick (kinda like twirl it on to the tooth pick) so it looks like a mini qtip. Then take this mini qtip and dab into your acetone and remove just the eye color itself not the whole eye. Change the color with a fresh one that you like. Remember always go a bit darker with your color and lighten up as you go for your iris :) Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks Chynadoll, maybe I'll try that. I've talked to several repainters who say it's fine to keep the original iris paint, but I do want her to look her best!

  5. Interesting, we've been in business since 2003 but this has got to be the most interesting use of our business name.

  6. Wow Peter! What is the origin of that name? I thought I made it up though it did feel familiar to me. Please give me a head's up before you sue me.

  7. No problem, was only making a small suggestion in response to your using "several layers of brown". To each her own. Keeping the original iris paint is totally fine, was only sharing the opinion of one repaint artist :)

  8. As a Trekkie and an engineer, I have to say I LOOOOVVVE the spaceship!!!! Girl when I saw the circuit board I took a small trip to heaven. I am back now. Your creativity there is amazing. The relaxation chamber, the stone powering the ship, the control panel. Can you tell, I am feeling it? And Nymeria is the perfect alien.

    I loved the wrinkles, too. Ok, I have to go find some Star Trek to watch. By the way, do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"?

  9. Thanks Vanessa! That means a lot coming from such a talented artist AND a space nerd! I do watch Big Bang Theory and I work for Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech so this project has a special place in my heart! Now to find the time to work on the accompanying photostory!

  10. Sorry Chynadoll, I hope I didn't come off as too defensive! I obviously know very little about repaints personally. I am grateful for your opinion. Even if I remove all the Iris paint, I still have to paint 100 think layers, right? Can I make fewer layers with slightly thicker paint?

  11. I didn't know we were neighbors. How come you didn't tell me? Is Shelden not the best. That is my new favorite show. I laugh from the time it starts to the time it ends. Penny. Penny. Penny.

  12. Yup, I'm in Stone Mountain. I did mention it a couple of times in comments or on my blog (like during the big snowstorm in January in which I gave birth.). But I'm mostly shy and keep to myself but I look at your dolly get-togethers with envy! I'd love to meet up with you guys at the next convention!

  13. Hey, I have a few Star Trek items you can have if you want them. Let me know. I like your space adventure.

  14. Thanks Ms. Leo! I could always use more space stuff!

  15. No not a problem, no offense taken :) and you don't have to paint several layers. You can use thicker paint. Usually two layers work well. Happy repainting:)

  16. OK, here is my email. Email me with your address and I'll send you pics of what I have.

  17. Can you advise on Stardoll clothing fit? I'm sure there's an eBay guide, but Google told me nothing. I've been eyeing a couple of the doll's fashions but I want them on MY doll (at first, she'll be an MM but I might switch her head on a skipper sometimes b/c I'm short [I mean rotate often when changing outfits or to stand next to others --- I just received a collectible Asian on a post-90s Skipper body so works for me] and same for an EverflexBB - when I find one in the right skin tone (pale) - 'cos I'm curvy --- BUT clothes are more important and I need pointy feet for good shoes -- and at least I had a shorter version of that bod at 18!) ANYWAY..

    Stardolls look bigger to me in the store when I look at them, but like I said I want to steal a couple or more outfits (soo Chanel/femme) for my "Bavatarbie" and may or may not want to use those SDs and every (most) doll needs wardrobe options.

    Thanks for any help!

    Also to add to the conversation - I haven't done a lot of "playing" with furniture (sitting) with my Basics but I LOVE Basics (clothes, hair, faces)! I have too many uber skinny bodies now and SO FEW B.B.s, but I like fashion, so they are just runway models to me ... except I actually made little "cuts"/indents on my fave/original's legs because she can't even fully pose her legs right, let alone bend her knees! When I tried her torso cut into her legs ever so slightly!!! Oh well, it's the most minor damage - I just hope I can put them in "scenes" later on when I have sets ready.

    BTW, yes, we ARE supposed to play with Basics, and I mean adults. They have the cutest marketing slogan. "Permission to play." (And a few sentences later "adults" - I get it, wink nudge, we "play" too.) Mattel gets it. .. Except why can't they sit at all?

    Oh well. I'm wishing myself luck...

  18. Hi Cosmodollitan,

    Yes, I just bought the Fallen Angels accessory sets. I'll be posting later but they fit Dynamite Girls/Poppy Parker/I guess FR2 perfectly. I guess that goes for the pivotal Mattel bods and the Model of the Moment figures too.

    I was even able to get that stretchy corset on a regular old Fashion Royalty body.

    But Stardoll feet are massive. You can fake it with the boots but otherwise....

  19. Wow, your posts are long with so much! As a commenter, I'm definitely not used to that.

    I always thought (since I was old enough to notice) that Barbie's classic body was alien. I literally today was thinking about making my one Fashion Fever head (got mad at her mean, large head and stole her body / beheaded her - oh yeahh somehow I love that - punishing her bad head heh) into an alien on a classic body but painted. Then I was thinking green was too cliché and that I'd decide later (like years, or something, I'm a newb to the hardcore/"adult" [unsexual meaning] stuff). I love the blue!

    BTW, I'm keeping that head for its hair. I love how it's DIRTY blonde, so if I ever have the guts/patience for re-rooting, I'll love using hers.

  20. Maybe I'll pick up one Stardoll soon! I don't need her shoes.

    BTW, my BFF got his masters from Georgia Tech.

    And I have a big, weird crush on Sheldon. :-) (Mostly the actor.)

  21. Oh I just found out what Poppy and FR2 is. So those are all Integrity that fit with Stardoll clothes? Bummer.

    I can't afford those, or justify the prices of most of them. But mostly I just can't afford them for a while because I have so much I need: clothes, bags (mostly crafting, I just bought like most of the bags on eBay!), shoes, furniture/stuff to turn into 1:6 treasures and building materials. Woo! I have catching up to do since, like I said, I have a MAJOR doll city wishlist.

    I was just wondering about FR2 (and Poppy) but I feel like a dork asking. *sheepish* Then I was looking at the Integrity shop because I just realized they might make some great men. Men are scarce around here since I HATE most Kens. (An ultimate dream is to create my own man, but he has a more feminine face, so I fear it may never happen.)

    Thanks for the help!

    The good news is that one reason I couldn't justify even a $25 Integrity doll is that I didn't love BOTH face/clothes AND I'd have no other clothes --- so for later on, Stardoll clothes could work out. Much later, but it'll never be too late.

  22. Oh, I love the alien and her spaceship! It looks awesome. And her chair <3


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