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Sexy GILF and Spacecraft!

All reroots are best handled by people other than me. Reroots, like sewing are tasks that are more fun to plan and procrastinate over than to do. This one in particular. I wanted Mama Fear to have a mix of black and silver hair and I just knew I wasn't capable of making that look pretty.

So I sent her off to Cat at A Doll Affinity. Have you been to her blog? She does the best photostory videos. And her rerooting service is a bargain! Cat did an amazing job! In fact, I have to rethink Mama Fear. She's just so pretty. The Hubs calls her a MILF. I guess GILF is more like it. 

I hate that I have to cut this hair to give her a proper bun, which she will have forever. Maybe I'll take my time, maybe do a back story or something...(by the way, I'm the one who jacked up her thatched part because I was playing with it too much trying to figure out her bun).

Also, excuse the crazy eyes. I dabbed a little liquid liner to see if I could even out the light reflection in her eyes without doing a big repaint.
No matter what angle you work her hair, there are some awesome streaks that show.

She's sitting on a shelf at home right now. I've made her a bed and I'm working on making a little Buddhist altar. I hate to break it to one of my dolls but they're going to have to find somewhere new to live.  I'm looking at you Momoko.   You don't want to cross Mama Fear.

Oh so I finally found a good handle for the human spine cane but the cane itself is looking a bit bulky. She seems more like the type to use an elegant little cane. Maybe that will be her 'hanging around the house' cane that she uses to intimidate her family. The outside cane will be something like skinny bamboo so she could easily whip you if you look at her funny.

Work on my spaceship is going really well. Okay it WAS going well. Actually I'm really proud of it. There is freedom in doing something of this nature. You can just say, "But that's what it's LIKE on her planet!"

And to be this close to finishing a project? It's a great feeling. Airplane, you are next!

I did a lot more since these pics, but this will give you an idea of where I'm heading.

That silver gray foam in the middle is gone now. 

 Sigh, this is where I messed up. I was supposed to use only items around the house, so I used corrugated cardboard. Seemed okay at first. Then I went ahead and bought posterboard to cover it, rather than contact paper which would show the little stripes in the cardboard.

Then I covered the posterboard in contact paper. Yeesh. It ended up being so stiff, when I tried to curve it around again, it buckled and bubbled. Ugh. I'll be trying it again tonight with just poster board. Maybe contact paper too, I dunno.
That black cup thingy is from a pool table that my landlord had. (I love when old landlords leave junk in the house. Not being sarcastic either!)

But I think it takes up all the space in the top area of the rocket ship, so instead we found another use for it. I hesitate to give more info. I've had more original ideas for this thing than for any doll work in the last couple of years! I credit the Hubs too. He's a nerd so any spaceship/alien question I have, I can pull from this reservoir of geeky info.  No offense, geeks are awesome.  I can't wait to show it to you. Well at least the major progress. I'm sure I'll still be collecting wires and doodads for a long time..

 Okay folks, that's all for now!



  1. Love her hair! I don't really know her backstory and why it will be in a bun forever or why she needs a cane. I guess I will have to find time to catch up on that one. Love, love, love the spaceship. Being a Trekkie and all, spaceships are definitely my thing. You are doing a fabulous job. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I'm excited about the spaceship project. It came out of nowhere and that's the best type of project for me!

    Mama Fear's bio was told in little snippets here and there. She's the mother of Miss Fear

    The cane was an idea from a great book I read, Shark Dialogues.

    She's an old lady so she will need a cane and a bun to make our ageless dolls look more convincing. Plus it has some authority to it. I have some repainting to do!

    I'll have a full story when I'm done setting up her room. But believe me, any woman that makes Miss Fear nervous is going to be a very tough woman!

  3. I get it now. I missed the Mama part. I thought you had Ms. Fear redone. I was sitting there thinking this doll looks a lot different. Since I have only seen Ms. Fear on your blog a couple of times, it didn't really hit me what was going on. Got it!

  4. She looks awesome in a bun. :) Thank you so much for the charismatic and generous mention. It was amazing working with you on Mama Fear. She will run the doll room if ya let her! :D lol Watch out girls...Mama Fear's reign is coming...

    The spaceship is spectacular! What inspired the concept behind it? I look forward to seeing more of it soon!

  5. Thanks Cat. Well I have to say the top portion inspired the space ship. It was an old lampshade for a vintage hanging lamp. It was made of wood. I've had it for ages but I was really hesitant to spray paint it.

    So I had a little doll-block and wanted to do something that doesn't have impending photostory pressure behind it.

    Though it will be in a future photostory! I'll elaborate in a later post.

  6. Mama Fear looks great! I can't imagine her as an old lady. Lol! I was also thinking that it was going to be Ms Fear that you had rerooted. Looking so forward to seeing what you do with the spaceship. It's really cool looking.

  7. Oh I forgot to ask, what's GILF and MILF?

  8. The Ms. Fear reroot was several posts ago. I link to it in the comments above. Mama Fear is her mother.

    You're going to have to look up MILF for yourself if you don't know what it is! I like to keep it clean here!


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