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Selfish Blog Post

Do you ever have a blog post that is totally selfish? Where you know you are really just talking to yourself? I have these often. Like every time I say I'm going on hiatus or here is my list of goals or whatever. Maybe it's a sign of insanity but an old boyfriend once told me that talking to oneself is a great organization tool.

Well my friends, next week I have all but one day off work.  You've seen what I can accomplish with 2 hours of solitude as long as I'm organized!

I've hit another snag with Nymeria the alien. I bought some lovely wool that was billed as "mohair" I dunno what this crap is. Maybe it was mohair once upon a time, but no longer.  It's sort of like using cotton balls as hair and just as easy to comb. It has quickly degraded into a ratty mess.

Now I'm thinking of using some blond hair I have on hand and dying it with acrylic paint (Doll University Lesson!) then rerooting her. Not sure I want regular human hair thought.

I thought of making flock but that seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps better for landscaping.

So, since I am being cheap and refuse to buy flock when birthday dinners need to be funded, I'm thinking of sculpting that cotton mess into some sort of soft-serve ice cream hair or something...

Anyway, we'll jump over that bridge later tonight.

How about some plans?

  • I'll try my hand at repainting Nymeria. It should be fairly simple, so we'll see how it goes...
  • Finish the Alurium Vaccarra, Nymeria's ship. I'm almost done. I just need to do a little paint work and it's a wrap. I'm sure the Hubs will be happy that the Poison Closet (Imagine a kitchen pantry filled with cleaning products and tools) is no longer stuffed to the gills with bins and bags of doll crap.
  • Airplane! Remember that project? All I needed was tiny brushes (check!) and paint markers (check!) and motivation (check-ish). This will be on-going. There's a lot to do. Poison Closet, I will be back!
  • If time allows, a sidewalk! Poor Remi is the hottest dude to hit Grandville and he can't even mack on babes while he's making his street art. Wrongness. 
  • Putting together my nightclub. Nothing fancy, just a place for the cool kids to hang out.
  • A home for Mistress Ava. One day she'll have the big home she deserves, but for now, she needs somewhere to conduct her business and entertain.
  • Maybe some pictures? Not just quick ones, but some nice ones maybe taken outside. Time to step it up.
  • Maybe give Sugar a mohair makeover 
  • Maybe MAKE bamboo. Quick story: so we're at this worker appreciation lunch (read: "this lunch is your raise.") The dessert cups were really cute. Someone mentions using them for seedlings. My eyes lit up. They meant for flesh humans, but you know what I thought! There were others that were tall and looked like they would be at home in Superman's fortress of solitude. Ava's taste in furniture echoes her deliciously violent profession. Her Horsman chairs remind me of leather straps one might use to bind or gag. These planters look like broken glass. Seems to me that something as modern looking as a bamboo plant is perfect for her aesthetic. Especially considering how they reference canes and caning. Anyway, I have some old faux bamboo barbie chairs take apart and paint and set in some rocks.

Here's what I won't be doing: 
Rerooting Madame Marie with the dreadlocks I've been working on. I have not learned to love rerooting. I was hoping it would end up like crocheting to me. You despair at how far you have to go, then it becomes zen-like and you can do it in front of the TV easily. Not so with rooting! Okay I'll try. Bah.

Okay my loves, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving or if you're not American, may you overeat and be lazy anyway. 



  1. If you can live without hair on Nymeria, try sand or experiment with ground spices for texture. Just mix it with white glue, apply, let harden and paint. Thats what I did for my alien WIP to get a coarse skin texture.

    And have fun playing!

  2. Ground spices! Wow, I would have never thought of that! I love her bald and wish I could just fill her holes. Maybe I can use silicone or something and just paint her head. Or sculpt some clay? Why not experiment, right?

  3. Why not? Go nuts. :D Just make sure that every natural material you use is thoroughly dried before you apply it.

  4. There's nothing wrong with a selfish blog post...we're just here to listen! =D I love seeing and imagining everything you are working on. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with Nymeria!

  5. Go for it with your alien. She looks interesting bald. I want you and everyone to enjoy their day whether or not it's Thanksgiving for you :O)

    Loving the selfish blog posts ;O)

  6. I love seeing your list of projects. Makes me feel like I am not the only stressed out doll person. Oops is that selfish of me? Probably, but shouldn't a selfish post get selfish comments. LOL! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

  7. Uh-oh. It's all mostly despair with me for crochet and especially knitting. I like FAST things. If it hurts my hands like knitting, that's even worse, heh.

    I had my doubts already!

    I, too, like your lists because it reminds me of something I would do (my site isn't ready yet) and I'm always planning and/or dreaming. But might I suggest a few SMALL photos in there to spice up all the text? I'm wicked visual, personally, more than most, don't worry!

  8. Everyone's a critic, huh? Well it is called SELFISH blog post.


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