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Losing my Cool over Stardoll

My birthday is right around the corner on the 22nd. Yet my cheapskate children have not yet given me a gift. Really, like 2 years old is too young to go get a job?  Slackers.  Some of my favorite bloggers have been buzzing about these dolls and I can't deny the ache in my stomach. I need one. Or five. But what to choose?

Go look here if you live under a rock:

Oooh, the accessory packs! Pant pant pant. Okay, calm down girl.

Don't tell the Hubs, but I just bought three on  I find that pictures of these dolls pretty elusive! But we doll folks have seen them all. So, sucker for brunettes that I am, I got the two "goth" girls (duh) and the brunette Bonjour Bizou doll. Which, really? She doesn't look particularly Parisian. Just kind of a punker chick outfit with a Chanel jacket.  I also want the Doll Space blonde with the Chanelesque jacket but I haven't seen her for sale. The Pretty N' Love ones are just too Barbie-ish for me! Though the African American one is adorable.

(Yes, I did go over my $40 budget but it's my birthday and since they are from my daughters, I can afford $20 of extravagance.)

If anyone wants to unload their Fallen Angel prom looking dress, let me know. I think Dani might have her bridesmaid dresses...

So I had a GREAT party last weekend. In prepartion I went through our "party box" where I keep plastic cups and stuff for gift bags and I found this:

It's for some kind of game where you fling a bean bag ball back and forth or something. But I thought "Alien chair!!"

Then we went to Publix and I found this:

Score! I wanted it for Mistress Ava's iguana but her pet is too big. Not to mention the top of this thing is glued pretty well. Maybe I'll douse it with some acetone...

In other news, I got my hair for Nymeria the alien, made a reroot tool but I find the wool I bought a little hard to work with. Good thing she's an alien. I can do whatever I want to that hair.

The spaceship, Alurium Vaccarra is almost finished. I may be able to debut it after Thanksgiving. I have almost the entire week off next week so I will be getting serious about some projects I have hanging around.  Here's a quick pic of Nymeria in her new chair. I just glued it to a broken piece of a yo-yo for stability. I'm not even going to paint it. I like it the way it is.  I think I'll add some control panel buttons on the lap belt. Maybe a pillow...

Okay my loves, I hope you're doing well.



  1. One of the stardolls remind me of Simi from the Dark Hunter series. And you're right, 2 years old and still no job??? The shame!

  2. Ahhh! They re-stocked them and I'm broke. Oh cruel fate. I just want the gal with red and black hair. And I mainly want her head. lol I guess I will live. Can't wait to see some pictures of your birthday dollies. ;) And the spaceship is out of this world! (Yeah...I typed that.) ;) haha!

  3. hahah Cat! I'm a sucker for puns, I admit!

    TM: That's so funny you should say that, I'm obsessed with my Simi. Which one reminds you of her? The one in the prom dress? Sounds like my Simi needs a baby sister....

  4. Lovin' that accessory pack for Stardoll! I (think) I only want one more Stardoll and that's Fallen Angel #1. The thing that sucks about the accessory pack though, people are saying the shoes don't fit the articulate Barbie bodies and for me, I'd have to rebody the doll. Sucks to pay $20 for a head. Sigh, the life of a collector, LOL.

    The alien chair is COOOOL!! Love your imagination.

  5. Yeah, I'll certainly be rebodying these girls. Once you go articulated...Well we are paying $20 for a head and a cool outfit. These days it's a bargain!

    Man, that's too bad the shoes don't fit! But that little black bodysuit/bathing suit is just too cute!!!

  6. Definitely. :) I am so diggin' the clothes, I can deal without the shoes. Thanks for posting that because I hadn't seen the accessory packs.

  7. Love your new seat. Very creative! Now why are you expecting your birthday gift to come early? Did I miss something?

    I really like the accessory packs, mainly because of the purses. I am a sucker for a good handbag, but I usually just look at them on my computer. Let's see if I actually take the plunge. I think I will.

    Did anyone read the creator's story? I was quite impressed. He was one of the founders of ETrade. Then he started the first DVD rental business overseas. I'm still not feeling the dolls to the point that I need to buy them, but I am definitely feeling him (as a business man). I look forward to seeing your dolls when you get them.

  8. Thanks for sharing the article with the accessories link. Congratulations on your 3 Stardolls.

  9. Love your alien chair! Two years old and no job lol thats funny.
    I purchased one of the accessory packs just for the purses as well. I am on the hunt for at least two of the Stardolls.

  10. Thanks for sharing the link. I had not seen the full line. Love your chair.

  11. Ahhh Stardolls!!! Best thing Mattel has decided to make since #1 Barbie really. Those clothes! and shoes!!!! I wish they'd make them on Fashionistas style articulated bodies, realistic sized feet and all. A girl can dream :D Congrats on getting yours!
    PS you might know this but watch out for acetone for the aquarium thing- if you touch transparent plastic with acetone it'll go permanently cloudy.

  12. Oooh, thanks for the tip Alrunia. That would have really bummed me out.

    Chynadoll, I had no idea the accessories were out! Man, now I have to go on a hunt! Where did you get them?

    Oh and Vanessa I'm not EXPECTING to get my gift early but The Hubs lets me open the presents early. I already opened my present from him. Really is it too much to ask to celebrate the entire month of November with a present every day? ;)

  13. Many laughs in the post and the follow up comments. I was almost under a rock there for a minute, but I still knew about Star Dolls.


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