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Celery Seed, finally a useful spice

You know when you get those spice racks with the spices already in it (I know, they've probably been sitting around for years but in a pinch, they do just fine), there are always spices that you never use.

Celery Seed? What would I even put it in? What does it taste like? Well I'll never know until they feature it on Iron Chef or similar. But following Amithi's advice, I did some experimenting with Nymeria, my alien.

I was going to save this for the big reveal but I'm no good at keeping my own secrets.

So after two coats of this, I mixed some paint, a few shades darker than Nymeria's skin and gave it a couple of good thick coats.  I think I'll use the same shade (watered down) for her lips.

Here's what I accomplished so far:

  • Finished the Alurium Vaccarra. I think. I mean, will I ever be finished? 
  • Removed all of Sugar's hair only to find that my mohair does not behave like I thought. I may have to attach the hair to a piece of cloth or fabric tape and glue the cloth to the head. The front will be rooted.
  • Cut all the sidewalks out of foam core.  Little Iris will be very happy to help me paint them.
  • Cut out the foam that will be my flagstone patio. Very nervous about this project. Lots of mess coming.
  • Cut the bamboo chair which will be my bamboo plants. Now to find tiny rocks...
  • Took out my experimental Barbie (below). She is the victim of all experiments. I gave her a layered cut I read about, she was the first to lose all her face paint. I'll probably glue her smile shut, etc. I painted her lips and eyes the way Nymeria will look. I forgot to take a picture of that...
  • I attempted to give Madame Marie some eyeliner and eyebrows but methinks I need more quality time with Experimental Barbie.
  • Finally learned that the secret of painting plastic with acrylic paint without streaks is watering it down. Or stop being a cheapo and just go get more spray paint.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see her all finished up! :) This is super exciting! I may have to go listen to Katy Perry's "E.T." I know, I know, so wrong! Not really a fan, but that song's lyrical content and beat are hard to look away from. lol

  2. Katy Perry has her positive aspects. Her voice is very good even if she uses it for evil. And anyone married to Russell Brand can't be too bad for me. I'm going to go find that song.

  3. Oh, now I know that song. That girl really knows how to make a video! Really inspiring!

  4. I know! The video is visually stunning. I wonder who was behind the creative vision of that video? And Russel Brand is hilarious, and she is actually pretty funny too. There are a few of her songs that I consider guilty pleasures. E.T. is one of them. :)

  5. That is so amazing and creative (the seeds). They look like little pods of.. stuff (possibly reproductive stuff, frog eggs style, hope that doesn't sound gross.)! Very alien, and very very awesome.

  6. Okay the celery seeds up close look like little bugs. I guess that is perfect for the alien. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go listen to the Katy Perry album. After she got the special award on the music show for having 5 no.1 songs, I wanted to go listen.

  7. Glad I could help, she's looking good so far!
    And celery seeds - had you asked me I wouldn't even have known what they look like. Learn something new every day. :D


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