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New Character in Grandville

Ah, I have something to blog about!

I got this gal before Christmas but she was very picky about her outfits and nothing I was able to grab from the closet was fancy enough. I finally unearthed some things and she seems content for now.

Introducing Princess Victoire of Zolondia, sister of Prince Victor, aunt to Dani Fear.

I am in love with this doll. She looks really different in all sorts of lighting.

Dynamite Girl here.

A little Monogram here...

She's giving me FR Eugenia here.

Anyway Princess Victoire is next in line to the throne after her brother, since he has no children (or so she thinks). She's always taken well to the royal life. She quite likes being better than everyone else, unlike Victor who ran off with that Japanese girl for a year. She is the one who is concerned about the people of Zolondia while he is off on his secret trip [psst, remember, he's in Grandville] It is she who should sit on the throne!

Is Victoire a villainess? I dunno, let's just say she falls in with some bad company and maybe takes some questionable advice. But I haven't figured out how it's all going to end yet...

She's a busty gal. This is a Poppy Parker dress (who has the same bustline as Dynamite Girls). Once again Integrity swindles us into buying different sized clothes.

For once in my doll life, I may just keep her hair all wrapped up like this. Yes, I'll probably eat those words sooner or later.
She is kind of inspiring me to create another town, a small piece of Zolondia. But we'll see the space I'm working with in the next house.



  1. I'm loving Princess Victoire. She does look like she could be nice or mean given the circumstance.

    1. Thanks, I think she'll be kind of in the middle. Good parts and bad, like most of us. But her bad just has more...power.

  2. She really is some kind of enchanting. I love how you captured her in different lighting! That dress is beautiful, and even though it is a bit small, at least it still works. And I adore her in those elaborately detailed earrings. Looks like the two of us will be moving within months of one another. Hope finding the new place goes faster and smoother for you and your family. *hugs*

    1. Ah, you too huh? I know moves are stressful but we get to redecorate our spaces and opening up each box is like a present. It's the physical moving that's the worst! Wishing you the best on your new home!

  3. She is beautiful! It will be interesting to see if she's able to mingle well with the Grandvillian's 'cuz this girl is throwing some serious shade. :)

    Congrats on getting her Dani. Good luck with your move and looking forward to your next creation/purchase.

    1. Thanks honey! I know it's a big expense but my next purchase may have to be a fancy pants camera. My Nikon's battery container is broken and duct tape is holding it together! At least I finally figured out 'white balance'!

    2. I have zebra pattern duct tape holding my Nikon's battery container as we speak, LOL. They need to make those darn things parent proof. :-O I haven't loaded photos in a while because I need to add more memory to my dusty computer. I only load a couple pics at a time, just to make sure it doesn't crash me. :)

  4. Hello from Spain: Happy New Year. I love your princess Victoria. I really like the dress she's wearing. She is very smart. I had not seen before this doll. Gorgeous! Keep in touch

    1. Marta, she is called Victoire Roux. She's supposed to be based on the 1940's I think. Very pretty girl, right?

  5. Lovely lady! I kind-of hope that the bad advice will be coming from Hanna. But then again, I'm being biased because I like Hanna so much. I hope Victor will get to see Atsumi again.

    1. hahah Verona, how could I forget everyone's favorite villainess? She's in exile in Sweden now, but she's not through with this town!

  6. Wow, she's striking. Especially the first photo. I like her not-quite shy wave.

    I look forward to watching her character unfold.

  7. She’s lovely and quite regal. Character wise, she could go either way. It will be fun to know what she whispers to you as you decide her future.

  8. She's a beauty! Congratulations on getting her.


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