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Back with My Doll Peeps

Hello doll friends!

Ah it's good to be back. I can't wait to share what's been up. First off, I finally got a new camera and I am stoked about the difference it makes. I still have a lot to learn but you'll agree, a marked improvement.

So let's get started.

I've been focusing on constructing some building fronts on Grandville.

First up, Remi and Bailey's loft:

Sorry it's blurry but it's the only one that got the entire front. Yeah yeah, I said I have a lot to learn.

Uh, someone's gonna have to duck to get in the door. I hate making doors soooo much. Corset Kitten will be selling some soon. Can't wait!

The crackle effect is painting one layer of acrylic paint, then after dry, painting with a layer of Elmer's glue (I used the clear kind). While wet, paint with a contrasting color and watch the magic happen.

The light fixture is part of the Jonathan Adler Barbie lamp and the clear cover from a record needle case.

Next is Mistress Ava's house. I haven't finished her front yet but decorated the house last night.

Now we have Josephine's Home for Wayward Girls. (see, no door. I hate making them.)

Josephine doesn't have much of a story anymore but that's her house damnitt and she's not ready to give it up. And then we have bad girl teenagers. None of them had a space to call their own. Teens need a place to make out. The artsty types have taken over the Dream Cottage so it was a natural choice.

The decorating is not quite done, so bear with me.

Of course Sookie has the best room.

Morgan moves into Aria's former space. Sorry Aria! Morgan has cleaned up her act and only DOES drugs instead of selling them. Winning.

Poor Penny. This girl is just so unhappy. So are these walls. I need to hook this girl up. I sense a love on the horizon for her though.

Sorry for the angles. I had to hold my hand in the air and just shoot and this is what I got. It's a tall house. I'll use a stepladder in the future.

See how the places are situated in Grandville.

A larger shot.

I took some Zolandia shots but after I've been fiddling with the camera more, I know I can improve them so maybe on the next episode.

But I did finally find a set of thrones after an exhaustive search. I wasn't happy with much. It was undersized and just too silly looking. I had been coveting these for a while, just for goth girl chair. Barnes and Noble cast iron bookends.

Sprayed them with gold spray paint and there you have it. Now to make cushions. Our work is never done.

There's a party going on at the Dream Cottage and I took some shots to practice and if I post these, that means I can finally re-pose these guys. So here:

Over at Hot Wax and Heroes, Ian and New Guy debate what superhero could beat what other superhero.

Clair finally meets Felix. (I'll be reshooting the meeting.) Oh hey there's Ava's house front in the background!

She's so purdy.

Valentina shows up to the party all dolled up and without DJ Nadia. (Zeke actually fell over but it looked like he was ogling her knockers so I shot it anyway.)

And right here is when I fell in love with my camera.

"Are you going to kiss my hand again? It's barely dry after the last one. Go fetch me a martini." Ava did grow weary of being the boss all the time.

Johnny starts thinking about life, "Maybe I should ask Sookie to take me back."

This one is my favorite. Marie discusses her talents of flexibility with yoga instructor Raj Nirvana (*eyeroll*). He's also the boyfriend of Ayumi who owns this house.

This is another favorite even though it's fuzzy and there's a blue thing there. It's like a drunken memory.

Oh I almost forgot! The Hubs got me this for Christmas:

I gave most of the furniture to the kids.

I peeled off all backgrounds and covered them with white contact paper and the floors with wood contact paper. I ditched the stairs and the elevator. I built out the open spaces in the floor but uh, yeah I wouldn't go putting anything heavy there.

The balcony walls are being worked on.

This is what they will look like. Maybe with some foliage too. 

 Until next time folks.



  1. Love that your blog has a "real life" feel. I'm jealous of some of your furniture and dolls but I suppose we all have stuff that somebody else really likes.

    1. Thanks Duke! I certainly go through that feeling myself!

  2. The black and silver chairs are so nice. That Josephine poster is so cool! Does the light in Sookie's room work? I think Morgan needs to be careful with the therapist's hand on her knee! Did you do the reroot those dreadlocks? I want to see what that bamboo will be like! Looking good!

    1. Thanks! Those are from Horsman Ltd. I wish that light fixture worked! Or any of mine. I'm starting the realize the importance of doll interior lights...

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your houses. The door is fabulous. I am also looking forward to seeing your house renovated. Great job and awesome furniture. Keep in touch

  4. Everything looks amazing, Dani! I especially love Remi and Bailey's loft! Great present from the hubs. Those Kid Kraft doll houses are genius.

    1. Thanks Tracy! I'm hoping to be able to keep the space pretty basic so I can put all kinds of different things in it. A gallery, a boutique, a cafe, an apartment, etc.

  5. Hola, me encanta tu blog y tus titeres.:-)

  6. So much fun!! loved seeing all their places.
    I love the sidewalk I hope to complete something like that eventually :)

    1. Thanks Miranda! Right back at you. I love the Bull bar!

  7. Marvelous work! I love the hustle bustle vibe of a busy community.

    1. Thanks Muff, you are a huge inspiration.

  8. Yay, you're back. Congrats on the new camera. I love all the pictures, especially the front facades.

  9. Hi Dani!
    I'm new to your blog, and I love it! I'd like to be able to do a city sidewalk with store fronts someday -- like when I get a bigger house! LOL I got a similiar dollhouse that I intend to renovate as well. I also invite you to check out my blog: I do Barbie photostories. Let me know what you think. :-)

    1. Hi Cindi! Welcome! Another Georgia girl too. Love your blog! I'll start following you. Thanks for stopping by!


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