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Re-introducing Aniata and her Diorama

Hello Doll Peeps!

I have loads of new items for sale so click on the shopping ladies on the right. Most of the first tier stuff is gone so lots of discounted stuff!

When we last spoke, my doll was named Kala. I had posted her in the BJD Addicts group and a few people remarked that she looked like a Taino. My family is Haitian and my husband's is Puerto Rican, the Tainos lived in both. I thought this was fortuitous. So I emailed my aunt, a fan of the Taino and told her about the doll and that I needed a new name. Kala was always supposed to be temporary and I feared it was taking hold.

She said, "I feel like her name is Aniata." And I knew it was right. It's hard to get the tongue around but if you just pronounce the T softly, like in Anita, then it's much more natural.

Anyway introducing Aniata!  (Doll nudity ahead.)

I've been working on the hut like crazy since the last post. While I waited for paint and glue to dry, I made Aniata stuff. I made her necklace…

The Arrival of Kala

My first first-hand BJD has arrived!  She's a Dollmore Keeley Sum purchased through Denver Doll Emporium. She arrived with a broken foot joint so DDE is getting Dollmore to send me another. It was fairly distressing to open the package to THAT surprise, but she's so beautiful, she immediately captured my heart.

I recently made arrangements to sell Sunnie and I can see it is totally for the best. THIS is what a new bjd owner should feel. Something like maternal pride, an obsessive need to care for her.

Her working name is Kala (not Eden anymore). We'll talk about her back story in another post but for now, all you need to know is she's an early Neolithic woman. Here she is wearing a wig by D. Resin on Flickr. She's amazing.

This is Kala's stuff I've been collecting.

Here is a size comparison of the Dollmore Model F body and the older Dream of Teen by Dream of Doll body.

You know me, peeps, I have a need to make doll environments as strongly as my need to h…

Back at the Blog!

Hi Doll Peeps!

I've missed you. Getting into bjd's is like being the transfer kid at school. You're totally clueless and hoping everyone will like you. It's been good so far. There is definitely some drama in this world but I suppose every hobby is that way.

So, by a stroke of luck, the doll I had decided on in the last post came up for sale on Facebook for super cheap and with a ton of clothes. So I took the plunge. And I love her. I don't feel like I exactly know her yet but we've been having a  good time getting to know each other (her having me buy her things).

Meet Sunnie Heartlove, a 60cm Dream of Doll (Dream of Teen) E-An in their teen sized SD (60 cm). She's a proper English schoolgirl who loves to read but lately, is giving me some creepy vibes like maybe she likes studying poisons? I think I'm going to bond with her after all. (This isn't her usual style. She's just humoring me.)

I've made a couple of youtube videos:


I like t…

Still Can't Reply

Urgh, it's doubly frustrating to be unable to comment when I have received such wonderful and supportive comments! I'm working on it!  Damn you Blogger!!

PS: I didn't say the community was mature, but the hobby itself had these mature qualities. I'm sure like everywhere, there are always going to be pompous turdholes to deal with.


The Real First BJD

Okay so I can't afford my Ashanti, and I know the Iplehouses aren't very good at the posing biz, but I know I won't want anything else for my character.

However, where I have wiggle room and a less terrifying budget is in her sidekick, a tough teenager who looks innocent but is deadly. Lucky for me I know exactly what I want and I don't. So let's look at the contestants:

Iplehouse Cecile. A little prettier than I had in mind but looks sufficiently bitchy.

 Iplehouse Daniel. Devious eyes.

But I might as well try a different company than Iplehouse. This character will be all about posing so she's gotta be able to move.  Spread the love around. I like the simplicity of Dollmore Model F-Malli.
 She's pretty versatile. I don't want her too sexy though. That pout might be too much. But very cute.

Dolls of Dreams Ony is in the running because of those big sad eyes.

 Do I love Dolls of Dreams Ducan or do I love his hair and outfit?

I think this homegirl might …