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Back at the Blog!

Hi Doll Peeps!

I've missed you. Getting into bjd's is like being the transfer kid at school. You're totally clueless and hoping everyone will like you. It's been good so far. There is definitely some drama in this world but I suppose every hobby is that way.

So, by a stroke of luck, the doll I had decided on in the last post came up for sale on Facebook for super cheap and with a ton of clothes. So I took the plunge. And I love her. I don't feel like I exactly know her yet but we've been having a  good time getting to know each other (her having me buy her things).

Meet Sunnie Heartlove, a 60cm Dream of Doll (Dream of Teen) E-An in their teen sized SD (60 cm). She's a proper English schoolgirl who loves to read but lately, is giving me some creepy vibes like maybe she likes studying poisons? I think I'm going to bond with her after all. (This isn't her usual style. She's just humoring me.)

I've made a couple of youtube videos:


I like t…