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A Change of Scenery

Hello my friends,

So glad it's September. August was just horrible and I'm hoping to move on to more positive things on the horizon. I don't believe in pity parties or letting anything get you down.  So eff you August, we're moving on up.

So as I develop the royal family drama, it's becoming clear the Zolandia is becoming more important, so I rearranged the doll room (and a half) again. It's a sickness. But I'm very pleased.

Okay the new new Grandville, going counter clockwise around the room:

I made a little closet but it's taking up valuable space for no good reason. Here is where the workshop starts, with drawers for clothes and shelves for all sortsa bins and what not. 

Here's the worktable and beside it where endless junk will accumulate hoping to be doll stuff one day.

Here is Zolandia. I was looking for the Barbie Diamond Castle forever and the prices are insane, but I found this one pretty cheap. The dome at the top is missing but no big whoop. The normals will live here. The folks that aren't scandalous or tattooed or whatever.

So I got those Hepburn dolls.

The Silkie is gorgeous.

The other one is kinda busted looking. Square head and wonky eyes. Good clothes though. 

Nice stitching, a real belt and the skirt fabric is better than I expected.

A real kine shirt and panties!  Not a body suit.

Adorable shoes, even if the heels don't touch the ground.

 This dress is to die!!!! Beautiful embroidery.

Without the giant cape skirt thing. It looks amazing on Princess Victoire. I put Silkie here on a Fashionista body and she will be the youngest sister of Prince and Princess Victoire. I haven't decided on a name just yet...

I wasn't impressed with the shoes, but they are a bit different than your typical Barbie shoes of this shape. A bit heftier somehow.

And after about 6 months sitting in a bin with a partial bald head, allow me to reintroduce Tipsey Marlow.

You may remember her as the explosives expert who blew up Hanna's studio. She's also a master of disguise. Now she is in a synth pop band with the man you might know as the Fairy Gothfather. I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm thinking Azrael.

She has been given four tattoos. The one you can't see is a Celtic knot circle on her back. I rerooted her with black and silver. I repainted her eyebrows, lips and the irises of her eyes. Her pupils are kinda jacked up but whatever. Not that noticeable with this craptacular camera.

Look for these two fresh pieces of meat in the new, all-scumbag Grandville!


  1. Thank you for the lovely tour! :) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tipsey!!! <3 You did an incredible job on her! (^_^) She looks bad to the bone!! How did you seal the tattoos?

    1. Thanks Cat! I used the leftovers from the Mama Fear you did for me. I sealed the tats with matte acrylic sealer (that I got at Dollyhair). It's strikingly similar to the glossy sealer. Ahem.

  2. Barbie Ice Castle? Never heard of it. How ironic that the Normals get the Ice Castle. lol. I love both those Hepburn dolls. I'm happy to see I will be able to enjoy them through your stories. Tipsy is da bomb! Love her. Great job on her makeover.

    1. It's the Diamond castle from one of these scary looking Barbie computer animated movies. I'm spraypainting that bad boy now. It has good bones like the Grand Hotel and the HS Musical school.

  3. Great job on Tipsey! The Hepburn dolls are lovely. Where did you get your brick paper? It is in perfect scale.

    1. Thanks GA Girl! It's from Jim's Printable Minis.

  4. ohhh those Hepburn dolls!!!! You do a bang up job with faces and hair. Tipsy's hair is sharp!

  5. Thanks for the info on the new Audreys. Nice fashions. Silkie lucked out getting a Fashionista body ;-)

    I like your Fairy Gothfather and Tipsey, but I especially appreciate seeing your room. I keep hoping that someday I'll get mine in order,lol.Oh wait ... someone needs to do some downsizing first.

    Hope September is a better month.

  6. I want a work space like yours! :( Btw, I'm buying with a friend the Holiday In Rome Audrey, he wiil have the barbie and I will have the dress. You did a great job on Tipsey, can't wait to see her in action!

  7. The Hepburns look great! I can't wait to see your progress on the story. I am actually working on a "Royal" shoot as well. How did you do the tattoos?

    1. Thanks Connor! The tats are temporary tattoos, then sealed with matte clear acrylic paint.


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