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Zolandia Cast and New Acquisitions

Hello doll people! Oh man, my friend's little girls have outgrown their Barbies so she gave me a bunch of goodies.

But first, let's meet the Zolandians, shall we?

The Royal Household Staff
  • Dominique (London Calling TJ) is the Royal Secretary. She handles Princess Dani's press, advises her on political matters, arranges for her travel, prepares her speeches, etc.
  • Mr. Bates is the butler of the castle. 
  • Young Maura is a house maid
  • Happy Family Grandma (Name to be determined)is the head housemaid and is the boss of the female staff.
  • Catching Fire Katniss (Name to be determined) is Dani's Lady's maid. She manages her wardrobe, jewels and helps her to dress.

The Lesser Nobles
No one has been named but Franco and Veronica get to keep their names though their roles change.

The men are Dani's potential suitors. Franco is involved with Veronica, but I don't think it will last. Veronica and JLo are potential ladies in waiting. (I can't wait to pick Dani's ladies!)

The Royal Family

  • Victor and new wife Tallulah.Victor has given up his claim to the throne but supports his daughter in her new role.
  • Princess Victoire, now second in line for the throne
  • Princess Emmanuelle, third in line for the throne
  • Princess Dani, the heir
  • King Claude, dying sovereign. They say he has but days to live. Meeting his first grandchild has given him new vigor and helped him forgive his son for not being his successor.

There they are. I have a lot of work to do with them but most of it will cost lots of money, so I'm taking my time with them.

Anyhow, I vowed to work on my zillions of tiny projects (like those binder clip purses. So cute.) but I went and got myself another big project. Hey it's what I like best. So I might disappear for a while because I don't want to reveal it until I'm done. But I will photograph the process for you guys who get off on that stuff (guilty!).

But now it's time to show off my goodies.

First up, this beautiful wooden dresser that my cousin got me in Colombia. And a little roll of paper towels. I think they're doll house size but they'll work just fine as toilet paper.

Here we have the Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus. I'm serious, that's what it's called. Like they're filming Girls Gone Wild there.

The hot tub is missing but cute awning. This one is going to the girls.

It has most of the pieces, a fold down bed and some kind of strange couch contraption. 

And the girls also received this carriage. Press a button and presto!

It's a hot air balloon. They are so into hot balloons right now.

And the hot air seats lift out so you can float around or whatever. Doesn't look like a ride I'd like to take.

And another! This is the Pink Glamour Camper. These name folks, you're killing me. The front of the Party Bus is better with realistic lights, but this one is much better inside.

 Both sides open. Dang I didn't get a shot of the orange chairs. The driver and passenger seats lift out and become camp chairs.

The other side flips up and you have yourself a little patio area, safe from pesky insects.

And look at this beaut.  You know I had to get it for Dani, right? Sorry kids! I think I'll keep the clear blue part. I know it's not very realistic but I want Zolandia to have a touch of fantasy.  My eldest got the horse.

We also got a bike, some furniture and tiny goodies.

And best of all, the Bratz mansion.  Wow, Bratz really had it going on for a minute. The architectural details are out of this world. And if you shoot a doll walking by, the scale might not be so bad. (I want to believe!)

There is a little DJ booth that comes with it, pictured here and a little dance floor, not pictured.

Yeah, Nikki is way too tall for this place. I was thinking of removing the floors. Some high ceilings can go nicely with the Spanish style. Look at that circular window in the middle. It wants to be free.

Okay that's all folks. I'll share my pic with you when I post the Adventurer's Club photo for February. Theme: Local Attractions.



  1. Wow! like Christmas and your birthday rolled in one!

  2. I like your Royal Staff. They are cool. I struggle to keep track of all my staff. hahahahahaha.

    1. Thanks Duke. I can't imagine the size of the staff you'd need to take care of all your people!

  3. Wow, that Bratz mansion is the business! Even though the scale is off, you can rip off the awnings and stuff and put it on a different structure.

    1. Thanks Nikia. I just love it! The door size is kind of an issue but maybe if I raise it up, put in some steps? Return in 2015 for that one.

  4. I love all of your goodies, but that Pink Glamour Bus is TDF! Lucky you! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. WOW what a haul! Your cast is shaping up nicely and it's nice to see more available men in Grandville/Zoolander. Live the touch of fantasy! That's what this collecting and story telling is all about. The idea you have for removing the floors on the Bratz castle is a great idea. I can totally see it as a Spanish style home.

    Congrats! Happy V day as well. :-)

    1. Hahaha!!! Zoolander! I am going to crack up every time I try to write about that town!

    2. OMG! Damn this iPad, LMAO! It was on TV this weekend too. I'm gonna go hide under my pillow now. :-)

    3. hahah! I love it! I thought it was hilarious!

  6. Hola, todo es maravilloso, la casa es muy bonita.

  7. I love, love, love the Zolandia cast. I'm looking forward to their future stories. Nice stash, too. I have to say I am feeling that hot air balloon. I'm never seen that before.


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