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Ugh whatever. Just, here!

Folks, lemme tell you, I am so tired of my little big project. The big stuff was easy (spray painting and such). That was over weeks and weeks ago. It's been the small stuff. And I'm still nowhere near done but I'll do the rest in Phase Two (Bailey and Remi's wedding). I miss my dolls so hard. I have two new beauties I haven't even taken shots of. I have pretty new clothes that just sit around, unworn, unappreciated, unphotographed. Stories untold! All for this shizz.


And today, Grandville's food truck, Enchanted Eats!


"Lavita Terrell here for Channel One News, Grandville. I'm here with Mistress Ava Stronghold in front her food truck, Enchanted Eats!"

"Mistress Ava, food trucks are so last week. Why bother? What makes Enchanted Eats different?"

"I've got to disagree Lavita. Food trucks have been around as long as humans have had markets. They're just taking a new form. I think it encourages a sense of community. Enchanted Eats uses all local ingredients which are blessed by a local coven. All produce is specifically harvested with intention and all chosen for their correspondences to love, prosperity, protection...even lust!"

"Well that certainly is different. Come on down to Grandville Park today to try some of Mistress Ava's Enchanted Eats. Back to you, Jim."

Well, lemme show you around:

Some of the delicious treats served:

The sandwich prep area and sink. I'll be adding shelves to this wall and trying to scuff up the silver paper more.

I think the flat top grill gunked up nicely. Must do more of that on the wall above the fryer. There will be lots of witchy doodads on the wall. Skull tiles, tiny broom that I haven't made yet.

[I forgot to take a pic of this so I got this before I put everything way. I made fry baskets with Rement dish racks and pot holder thingies. I don't know what half the shizz is in my Rement stash. Fries will go in there at some point I suppose.]

This is where orders are taken.

And this is where you pick up the order and pay. Might as well grab a doughnut.

Another view.

The staff at Enchanted Eats:
Maura (in argyle):  Customer Service
Valentina: Head Chef
Zeke: Sous Chef
Mistress Ava Stronghold: Figurehead, Money

Rai has a new rich older boyfriend, Hunter. You can't keep a good Brazilian down.
Aragorn is check out the options. Cheri informs him she is not on the menu.
Sooki can't believe he's just standing there and not noticing her!  Raven agrees. Mind boggling.

My favorite picture and I'm fairly sure it was an accident.

Morgan has ordered The Maiden. It's basically a gyro.

I see a little butt crack!

Bits and pieces will be added but my workspace (this) needs some serious help. Time to rearrange Grandville again!

Back soon!



  1. What a cool lunch wagon! Who would have thunk of that! lol Keep on..the other dolls etc. can wait just a little longer.:-)

  2. I think you're a great visual artist, everything here is amazingly done e pretty realistic! I really adore Enchanted Eats logo! So cool! Seeing all these beautiful pictures is a party for the eyes, congrats :-)

    1. Thanks Sergio! Figuring out a logo frustrated me for about 3 weeks! In the end, I used an embroidery pattern I found on Google images

  3. It's fabulous! I am all about the food trucks. I've never eaten from one, but I watch them on tv. Love all the little details. The sandwich and the fixings are my fave.

    1. Thanks! I've never eaten from one either but I love the idea!

  4. Pity this was a drag for you, but it's a delight for me to see. Love the foodstuff (lol) and the people checking potential.

    We'll see the other stuff when you get to it ;-)

    1. Thanks D7ana. Well it WAS fun. It's not the project that's a drag but the fact that I only have 1.5-2 hours per day to work on it!

  5. I love the food truck! What s great idea! The food is so realistic, it made me hungry. LOL. Great job! :-)

  6. This is sooooo nice Vita you did a great job.

  7. I love it! I have eaten at a food truck a few times downtown Atlanta and you totally captured it. Great job Dania!!

  8. Great Truck!! I love what you did to it. It works so well with your park and farmer's market. This could be a story for days!!! I see you picked up your pieces from our esty friend. I saw them, then saw that they were taken.

    1. Thanks Ms. Leo! I think at least 3 Etsy friends have products in this truck!

  9. That is so cool! What a great idea to make a food truck. My littler berg isn't very fancy so we don't have food trucks here, just hotdog carts on the corner, lol. It was neat to see inside a toy one.

  10. Whoa! What a creative makeover! I love what you've done with it. Amazing work! The little details really make the whole.

  11. Barbie pink camper who? Not when you can have a fabulous food truck by Dani! Man, I'm thinking of shipping my dolls off for a visit of Grandville. Your dolly town has really developed into the place to be. I'm really looking forward to seeing it come full circle. Great work, Dani!


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