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The Year of Luxury

When my daughter was born, I decided to take a break from photostories. Setting them up takes forever and you can never be quiet when working with plastic. Many naps were destroyed at the hand of dollplay.

So most of this year was more focused on the crafty side. Spraypainting the Barbie pink out of perfectly good furniture. Creating some custom rooms for my little friends.

A new year is upon us soon. Each year my friend Carey and I assign a name to our years instead of making resolutions (I always did love a theme). Then you make that year reflect what you want (by the way having a "Year of Abundance" and a "Year of Expansion" could result in a state of pregnancy. Just sayin'.)

So 2011, which will begin with the birth of my second daughter will be the Year of Luxury. I can apply this to my dolls too.

I am happy with the dolls I have and frankly I don't have room to fall in love with any more girls right now. Then I have to find her a boyfriend and make her a room. This year will be about furnishings, fancy pants clothes, luggage, beautiful one sixth doodads. Nothing else that needs a coat of paint, or would look realistic, if...

I have to thank Smidgehouse for the inspiration. I finally bought a piece from her and it is going to usher in a new era. I'll put up some pics when it arrives.

Also this year I'm going to work on my photography. I have no intention of making it a hobby but I've gotta learn to turn out a good photo. Maybe I can convince the hubs to get me a new digi cam for my birthday (November).

So this means I have four months to finish up all sorts of lingering doll projects. Everything else has to get stored for a second wave of craftiness.

Off to make a list of crap to get together before January. Thank goodness for nesting.



  1. Oooh, I love the idea of theme years! I'm a theme lovin girl too, I'm totally going to have to try this! (Though I'll be sure to steer clear of "Abundance" and "Expansion" LOL!)

    I can't wait to see pics of your new sofa mixed in with your gorgeous settings. And I hope you get that new camera for your birthday! I think you take great shots already, you totally deserve to amp up the quality! When it's not such a struggle, taking pics is so much more fun, too!

    I really need to finish up a lot of lingering doll projects too. You're inspired me back-- I'm really going to try and get them done before next year!

  2. Thanks Smidge. I got the couch yesterday. So fast! Even more beautiful and luxurious than the photos. I was going to post about it today but I forgot my camera at home. Will do tonight! Thanks again.

  3. OOOH! This sounds good. Sort of like positive affirmations/feng shui ish.

    I should try this but I'll need to figure out what the new year will be! Maybe creativity since I really, really want to crank out photostories, and stuff for etsy this year!

    Great Ideas Dani! Thaks!


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