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Give in to Tempation!

You know, I have to confess, looking at doll stuff to buy gets me a little...aroused? High? I'm not sure how to describe it. Maybe euphoric. So when I hear that Smidgehouse is open again, I flip out a little.

Then I realize, wow, it's almost Christmas and I cannot afford an unarticulated blonde big headed Barbie much less a piece of irresistible Smidgehouse furniture.

I was shaking like a crackhead. I had to have this. But how?  I called The Hubs. I described it and he said, "Cool, maybe I'll get it for you on our anniversary." What? That's in February! All her stuff could be sold out and I would have to live a desolate life without the love and comfort of this beautiful sofa. Why couldn't the hubs just tell me to spend the bill money on it? Useless!

I tried to think. Do I have secret stashes of money? I usually do somewhere but couldn't think of anything!

Then I remember a certain older chap who had some (likely brief) part in creating the fetus that became moi. My dad owed me. Maybe he didn't remember making a drunken ass of himself at my party but he definitely forgot my BIRTHDAY. I am a daddy's girl so he is usually allowed these little transgressions with a shake of the head. "Oh Daddy, what are we gonna do with you?"  But now, guilt was my secret stash of money. And he agreed! Sweet!

Did I need a couch? Nope. But sometimes it's best to just give in and let the waves of shopping euphoria wash over you.

After an epic death match, only one doll was left standing to claim her prize.

"Who did you think it would be, losers? I fight dirty."

It's massive, about the size of the Barbie Adler sofa. Comes with about a million pillows.

"This one's my favorite."

It's a cozy place to lay down and think about your bangs.

A perfect spot to land to come down off your 3 day drinking bender.

"I could puke on this and the stain would be totally disguised."

"And it's great for making sexy time with my boyfriends. Or yours, whatever."

I hope you guys have been by the new Smidgehouse shop. You can really see (in pics and in person), how much stronger her work has gotten. Go on now and 'git before she goes off on a new assignment!

UPDATE:  It's actually bigger than the Adler couch. It doesn't fit in the tiny shelf that was her temporary home. So now I get to build a place around this couch. Remember I mentioned doing the 2.5 Mens' mom's condo? I can't even find the blog post about it, but I do have a sketch and it's totally possible with a lotta foamcore...Stayed tuned for that in 2013. For now, Miho got kicked out of her apartment. Sorry kid.



  1. LMAO! I friggin' love Hanna! I dunno, I'm kinda diggin' the headband thing she's rockin. I'd say LaToya Jackson but I think Olivia Newton John was a bit cooler with it, lol. Remember that movie Xanadu? God, I'm old!


    That sofa is off the hook! I hope Smidgehouse keeps her shop open long enough for me to afford at least one sofa item. If I can get one item from Smidge and one from kids would be in heaven.

    Very nice!

  2. haha. Thanks, I have to say Hanna's one of my favorites too. She loves 80's style so either of those icons work. Of course I remember Xanadu! I wore out that soundtrack! I know all the songs by heart! Saw the movie as a grown up and man, that was a terrible movie!

  3. Hello from Spain: the armchair enchants to me that you bought in Smidgehouse shop. Your doll has precious clothes and the photos are fantastic. In these dates of Christmas also I put myself to buy many furnitures for my Barbies, We followed in contact of blog blog.

  4. Gracias Marta! Me gusta su blog tambien!

  5. I LOVE this set! I saw it in her shop, but it was WAY WAY out of my price range. At least I can admire it in your dolly verse now. :) The dialogue is to die for! I laughed...hard...then I died. Because that's how that works. LOL Wow. Ignore me, I'm being dorky. ;)

  6. When I saw that sofa I thought, dang! Smidge Girl came back with some new tricks! That is the best sofa! It is not me but Xia' was feeling it! Congratz and Merry Xmas.

  7. I love that couch! You and Hanna are soooo funny! I actually laughed out loud!

  8. LMAO! Thanks for this awesome, post, Dani, I needed it today. :) I'm so happy you love the sofa as much as I do! It was a tough one to let go of, lol, but it seems to have gone to just the right person. Hanna rocks & it was awesome to hear the story behind the purchase. Your dad must be something special, lol!

    I actually start my latest job (tv pilot!) Monday, so I won't be making anything else for the public for probably a few months at least. Thrilled you snatched this up, and can't wait to see the new apartment!


  9. LOL, Amazing characterization. Your girl makes me happy, more of her please! :P

  10. You know my philosophy, "I've never regretted buying a doll item, only not buying it". So I always tell people when you get that over the top feeling, just buy it! The sofa is perfect for your doll. She just blended right in. I am loving her bang controller. I, too, get that high. Just this morning, I saw a doll outfit and knew that I would probably spend the car insurance money, that I had just earned by selling a sofa. Thank goodness the outfit wasn't listed yet. I used to spend my sleepness nights planning all my new ebay purchases. Now I play on Stardoll where I spend fake money and get that same high. Problem solved.

  11. hahah! Thanks everyone! My dad sure is special. If Oscar the Grouch was a person, he would be my dad. Complete with all sorts of junk hanging around in his workshop. I hope to really be able to work on photostories soon. Isobel took her first steps so we're one step closer to independence!


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