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Riot in Grandville! An Ode to Cat.

Oooh my friends I did some good work this weekend! The boutique is almost ready to go, the wall art is up in the cafe and okay the third wall is a warped monstrosity but I still feel very accomplished. I repainted Mama Fear's eyes, Ms. Fear's and Miho's as well.  It's easy when you are using one color and not highlight it at all. But some of the Fear ladies need cold dead eyes with little feeling. And some...have just seen too much.

I had a baby shower to attend and last minute Christmas shopping so my time was fairly limited. Plus I spent a bazillion years setting up the scene below.

I got home to a wonderful surprise on Friday. I package for ME! Did I order something I forgot about? Don't you love when that happens? But no, it was a present from my friend and yours, Cat from A Doll Affinity. 

Then the girls (the plastic ones) got word of the new merchandise and things got a little violent:

Dani and her Step Auntie Zarrin (who is two years younger) do battle over the hot pink top with ruffled collar.

Nadia fights Hanna over the black leather with silver stripe cropped pants. Be careful Nadia, that girl might whip out a razorblade hidden in her bangs.

While everyone is distracted, Sookie goes "Yoink!"   [The wristlet has been claimed for Remi's girl, Bailey (formerly Alisha) who is a keyboard player] I'm sorry Smidge, I just read that you have a Bailey but I had no choice. Film at 11.

 Nadia defeated Hanna in the Battle of the Striped Pantalones
Zinna was the clear victor in the Clash of the Fuschia Blouse. But since she only wears party dresses this was just for sport.
 She also scored the super glam-rock drag queen shoes. I think I'll have to pass these around to each girls. They are friggin' fabulous.
Sooki models her score.  What is it with punker chicks loving the UK? You know we invent punk stateside, right ladies?

These shades are perfect for Hanna. She looks like a 70's Puerto Rican dude scoring some smack.
Thank you so much Cat!  You are awesome. You know our taste very well!

Have a great holiday you guys! I can't wait to see what you all got. I myself have already peeked. Okay I bought it myself and told the Hubs he can have credit for it.



  1. LORD JESUS, ladies they just clothes! I don't think I should of said that!

  2. I have tears! I am laughing so hard...
    "These shades are perfect for Hanna. She looks like a 70's Puerto Rican dude scoring some smack."

    I don't know if you can ever allow her bangs to be fixed, they are becoming their very own entity. Haha! :)

    SO happy the girls enjoyed (fighting) for the presents!

  3. Ebony, me getting new clothes in is so rare, they know it's not going to happen again for a minute!

    I'm glad you liked it Cat. I was inspired by your Black Friday photo set. Now that was hilarious!

  4. Is that what they call a CAT fight? ROFL! Those girls were serious. Did Nadia pull out some of Hannah's hair? Oh My! Too funny.

  5. Hey Nadia did what had to be done in the name of fashion! I've been having so much fun actually playing with dolls. Not their rooms or painting something or buying but really playing!

  6. Hello from Spain: as much diorama of Cat as yours of a great day of shopping and fights to obtain what we like to buy. Your diorama is very realistic. It enchants the photos and dolls to me that you have. The shining shoes are more fashion of the moment. Are they of Barbie? It had not seen it. We follow in contact of blog blog

  7. This was hilarious. I have to pull out the shots of Nadja & Lilith fighting in the park over a "borrowed" outfit.

    I have way too many clothes for any of my ladies to fight over but it just happens ;O)

  8. TOO funny!! Were any of the guys yelling "Girl fight!" you know how they love to see that.

    Cat is so sweet! All of your girls look fly in their newly gifted fits. I especially love Sooki's outfit. Something about the UK, just makes you look cool.

    Great gifts. :)

  9. Lol!! Your girls are funny. They know how to bring it. Lol! Poor Dani, did she suffer from a concussion from getting hit in the head with that shoe? Hilarious!!

  10. This is a really funny skit, love the creativity. I really want that hot pink top with ruffled collar.


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