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May Madness (some doll nudity)

Oh this month has been crazy my friends. Family trips and dogs biting toddler noses, teething, colds and fevers and birthdays, Mother's Day and work! So that's my apology for being MIA. But I do still get my craft on during kiddie bedtime so I have lots to show you.

Let's start with Electropop Dayle. When last you saw us, she had a weird straight section in the front of her hair:

First I dipped her curly hair in boiling water to encourage some lengthening.Then I conditioned and combed every inch of it and braided it in tiny braids. Then braided those into bigger braids and so on. Then I boiled it again. It came out beautifully and surprisingly unfrizzy.

Now for the front.

I made some wrapped it up in some aluminum foil rollers:
 But only got this:

Then I used dolly rollers and only got some big ringlets.

Then I remembered Kristl at How to Play With Barbies tutorial on making a "halo" or rotini curls. So I set to work. You can tell from the lose curl below that I was onto something.

UPDATE: I did not twist the hair as I wrapped it around the pipe cleaner which is why the results are a bit different.
 Check out the results!

 Introducing Raven, punk goth chick. Sooki's age and her good friend. She was going to be my avatar but instead she's more like an homage of who I was in high school. Minus all the flaws. [the former Raven was a skipper doll but once you go articulate, you never go back! Still I liked the character so I resurrected her. Hah! A goth pun.] She's still going to need some lipstick and eye color attention...

Tallulah's Home
As you know, my Holy Grail. Tallulah Wilde needs new digs. So I'm' putting some pieces together for her. I got this armoire in trade with Cat from A Doll Affinity.  I spray painted it white, covered the cardboard backing with scrapbook paper and voila!

I'm slowly gathering materials for her home. Here's some stuff I pulled together:

I was thinking of a dressing room with a little salon next to it with a wall that's half glass. If you've seen Evita, her apt when she met Juan Peron or if you've seen the Crying Game, Dil's apartment. But it might just been one open dressing room.

Grandville Baths

I made this months ago but it took some time and I didn't know how I really felt about the results so I never used it. But here you are.

Grandville Baths is a female only establishment owned and operated by Isha who is rumored to be a madam. (See? Not sure about the color of my tubs. It was supposed to be a sun and moon and got all tangled up in symbolism.)

You'll see this scene later. It happens after the bachelor party. After I actually build my strip club.

The good thing about the background is that I can use it for lots of things. You've already seen it when I introduced you to Tallulah.

Club Population:
I built a new nightclub. I hated the silver walls of the last one and I need a dive bar for the wasteoids to hang out. I'm building a gross bathroom to go with it. Hee!

 I'm also redoing the cafe. I might take out the Barbie fold-up cafe pieces. No one has a roof in the middle of a wall.

I also Froggy Stuff'd a shelf for DJ Nadia and after making like 50 records, I realized I need about a million more.

Okay Game of Thrones is nearly on.



  1. Whoo! All your projects look great so far! Espicially Raven! She looks terrific.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who has a strip club in the works!

  3. I love, love Raven's hair! The furniture from Cat is really nice. I love it as all white furniture. Oh and I love the night club.

  4. Thanks guys! Good to hear Tabitha! I might go really simple with my strip club. It's a scene that has to happen but I'm not particularly inspired by it.

  5. I love what you've done with Raven and the others your projects. I tought of having an avatar too, but my vintage Alan doll is too cute to be me
    Thank you for your wishes on Cat's blog

  6. Thanks for sharing how you got Dayle/Raven's hair to form looser curls.

  7. Really great job! I love the new hairdo. The bathhouse is really a new idea in dioramas and you not running around looking for outfits.

  8. Thanks guys. You have a great point Ms. Leo! I was supposed to make little sarongs for the employees and cut some towels for the guests and make simulated water, but sort of lost steam. Onto the next project!


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