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Talking to Myself

This is one of those brain-organization posts that I have to put up to stop feeling so overwhelmed. So move along, nothing to see here. (but feel free to read and comment of course!)

Too Many Dolls
Okay you have your holy grail now, and paid 4 times the amount that you swore you would spend this year on a single doll purchase. No more (ish) dolls. Work now on your reroots and repaints if you feel the need for a new character.

Grandville Housing Crisis
Every new character wants a new house. Unused characters have fully furnished homes. The Fears have tiny rooms in an apartment building. Josephine has a huge house and only one room gets seen. It's time to make some adjustments.

Three's a Crowd
Twenty is even worse. B list characters end up in a drawer. Drawer gets opened by toddlers. Within an hour, B listers are D Listers. Put them back in the million doll boxes you keep because you're nuts.

You only feel that you have too many accessories because they never get used. Give each doll the tools they need to do the jobs you've given them. Nikki's a photographer? Why have we never seen her with a camera? Find a way to organize your clothes better! Maybe instead of a "Bottoms" bin, we have a "leather pants" bag within the "Bottoms" bin.

My name is Danielle and I'm a craft addict.  You currently have about 8 projects going and plans to do more. Prioritize! Does Valentina need a garage for her classic car restoration business when we know nothing about her? Really? You just want to be Mick Baltes, don't you?  Only two projects at a time. One diorama project and one doll customization project.

Fixing Up Grandville
A lot of time is spent on its residents and the homes, but what about the businesses in Grandville? Two are in progress but let's work on more. Why does Zarrin need an office? She can work from home.  I want to see a homeless man and a street walker in Grandville park! A grocery store!  More green spaces!

Lonely Dolls
When is the last time you did a photostory of someone who was not related to the Fears? Make a list of lonely characters, put photos on blog and have the readers vote! [If you don't want to wait, view the characters here and vote in the comments.]

The worst part about doll lives, for me is that these lives continue to be lived. So even if I don't get to photograph it, the story keeps going. Get in there and take those shots! We have more pre-wedding stories that need to happen! Get with it!

Okay enough reprimanding. I totally just saw something in ebay that I want. Really, it's a steal....


  1. Aria, Morgan, Penelope, Ava and Gretchen... I want to see more of them! XD

    (even though a few of them have shown up in the last photoshoots, lol)

    I enjoyed reading your note to yourself... I think I just need to copy it and carry one around for me too. I'm always trying to do too many crafts at once, then nothing ever gets done. 0_0

  2. Ooops, Gretchen! I just traded her away. I better remove her from the site. Okay I'm putting them on the list. These girls don't have enough back story! Ava! I was so desperate for her, so excited to get her. And she just sits around being gorgeous! Thanks for commenting Heather!

  3. We definitely more Ava!!

    Thank you for posting this - it's actually a good list for me as well! I need to print it out and put it somewhere I'll see it every day!!

  4. I think Madame Isha has explosive potential, and there is a ton of storyline waiting to be tapped there (no pun intended, but it was funny once typed.) (^_^) Why not have the stewardess be an escort that works for her? Heck, maybe the pilot is in on it too?! It would be like bringing the mile high club to a new..."high"?

    Your post was really fantastic in helping me get some of my own doll issues/demands in order. We have to put our foot down and PRIORITIZE! We play with the dolls, they do not play with us...or some such less lascivious sounding thing. 0.0

    1. Oooh, great idea! I can't make the pilot a prosti though. She was named after a very innocent grad student where I work...But she can certainly be part of the business! Working girls need drivers.

      I just read about an article where you and beautiful women can get paid to be travel "companions" to rich men. Ripped from today's headlines!

  5. Also....who is the HOLY GRAIL doll you keep mentioning?!?! I'm dying to know over here!

    1. Thirded!! that a word? ;)

    2. Fourth! Lol! I was thinking that I missed something. Lol!

    3. Mouhahaha! Listen she is being really siddity about me taking a picture. She wants background, she wants lighting. She wants TIME. So it will have to wait my pretties. But *hint* I have blogged about her and thought I'd never get her...

  6. Well, Franco The Gipsy seems cool, it would be nice to see him in a story. Thank you for this post, now I have the certainty that I'm not the only one who does many crafts at once! I'm not alone!!!

    1. You are SO not alone! We should all start a craft addict club! lol (^_^)

    2. I know! We have issues. Franco and all the gypsies need to be worked on. I even have a story for them, I just haven't worked on it!

  7. Ahh congrats on getting your holy grail! I would love to see more Zarrin and Ed!

  8. You're singin' my song on this post! Especially, about the little ones getting into our doll collection, and turning the B-listers to D-listers in seconds, LOL.

    Lately, I've been thinking about real shows like Cheers. The entire show focused around the bar and with the exception of Sam, Diane and maybe Carla...we rarely saw their apartment/homes. I thinking about Girfriends, Friends, Eve, shows that kept things simple and they slowly introduced a new character or you saw a rotating character occasionally and the stories were still funny and interesting.

    This post was very necessary for me too! We need to get our town's businesses poppin'. I totally think this would set up more opportunities for chance meetings, crossing lives and drama filled situations.

    Maybe, start utilizing MyFroggyStuff methods of the 3-fold cardboard pieces for quick photo scenes. That way, we can just fold it up and put it away for later. If Zerrin really wants and office, just spray-paint one of those 3-fold cardboard pieces, glue some pics on the walls and shoot a quick office scene. Something to think about.

    Oh yeah, and I'm with Cat...I'd love to see Isha more. I didn't even know she was a Granvillian! That girl is GORGEOUS, flaunt it.


    1. hahah. I love this inspiration! I should work on disposable sets!

  9. That's the way to put your foot down! Great list. It was great to look through your characters. I like the way you have them formatted. I'm with you on the "Too Many Dolls". Every time I see a new one, I think "oh goodness", that means a new storyline. There is a doll show this weekend that I am dreading because as much as I tell myself not to buy anything, inevitably I will see one of the many 'holy grails' that are still on my list.

    Businesses and big events are definitely the way to go to get more use of your characters.

    1. Vanessa you are my idol with all those business that pop up over night! I need to learn from you!

  10. Very nice post! I was like hold up, did I write this. Lol! The pitiful thing is I am still buying dolls and stuff.

  11. Wow I should talk to myself more often! Thanks for your input guys. I see I'm not alone in my doll issues! Let's get to work!


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