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The Alurium Vaccarra 2.0

As much fun as I had creating the Alurium Vaccarra, I was really unsatisfied with it. Poster board covered in contact paper does not make a sturdy ship. It sat in the doll room closet with it's equally ignored friend, the lighthouse.

So when I saw this piece of Styrofoam at work, I was inspired and set to work. It was a nice quick project since I didn't alter it too much and already had the little props together.


"Oh, hello there humans, I didn't hear you come in. Welcome to my new ship. It's much more aerodynamic."

"I'm sure you remember the Stone of Amaranth. Aboard the AV2, she's given a place of honor at the front of the ship. She now powers, navigates and pilots the ship. The wire headpiece that I used to wear is how she communicates with the AV2."

"The development of the Stone's power will make the stakes even higher when my flesh human deems me worthy to tell my photostory."

"Would you like a cup of glorflock wine? Never had it? You don't know what you're missing. The fermented bones and shells of insects is a delicacy on my planet."

"As before, here is my panel. It is a back up control. Here I can also work in tandem with the Stone of Amaranth."

 "This is where I keep my treasures from my many travels."

"I just love reality TV."

"You may remember the control board for my comfort and nourishment."

"That's all for now, humans. Stay tuned to meet my sister. She'll be traveling with me on a special mission. She's very fragile so be nice to her. Or you'll have me to deal with."


 Live long and prosper, folks.



  1. Double Gah! It's so adorable and out of this world (excuse my bad pun)! I can't wait to meet her sister.

  2. This is crazeeeeee stuff. Amazing creativity. Keep it up.

  3. Cool alien and her spaceship! Did you spray paint the Alurium Vaccarra 2 gray? Interesting thought. I wasn't aware that styrofoam could be painted. Thanks for the tip about it NOT working well with Elmer's glue. (I have a styrofoam rectangle I was thinking could become either a bed base or a sofa base.) I love how you used this piece as the ship's outline - that's a different take. At first, I thought you were going to use it vertically. Love the "flames" coming out the back, too.

    I look forward to meeting her sister. But I will pass on the glorflock wine ;-)

    1. You might be psychic D7ana because I never said that Elmer's glue didn't work with it, but it DIDN'T! It was just a mess. Hot glue worked though. I didn't spray paint it. Oh how I wanted to. I just made a gray out of some cheap black and white acrylic paints, watered it down a lot and just slapped it on.

      My husband is a bit of a scifi geek so I was inspired by the sort of space cowboy vehicles like The Millennium Falcon and Serenity or even the ship in Spaceballs. I want her and her sister to just be rollin' round the galaxy.

  4. Awesome new ship! I loved the last one, too, though. This one is way cooler. She is probably my favorite character in your town.

    1. I really need to give her and her sister a story or at least little quickies like this one. I can't wait to borrow the Hubs' alien action figures!

  5. So, so creative! I keep hoarding the styro chunks I find but so far they are just sitting in a box languishing away. I shall get to them one day, but I fear that is a day far far away...


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