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Dolly University: Where Are We Now?

It's been almost a year and a half since I first posted about Dolly University

Today, the most satisfying part of doll collection are the projects.  But I did have a list of assignments. Here's what I basically completed. 

Reroot 3 dolls using 3 different methods:
Well, really if you find a good method, just stick with it. I made a reroot tool that ripped through a perfectly good Barbie head. Sorry Sugar. And I'll be damned if I ever do the needle and thread method. The knot method served me well enough. I did do a third (a Skipper doll) but I'm holding her character's introduction for a while. Think she might be a hippie chick. Anyway, assignment completed!

Style and cut each in 3 different ways:
Okay so left all of them long, uncut and basically un-parted. But I did style others. Cutting is not my best skill, but that will come in time with more practice.

Create anything, furniture, props, room, whatever using only what you have and never use:
Both Alurium Vaccarras were created from stuff around the house:

Open a doll box without destroying it.
I did this with some Integrity Toy but it was not worthy of a picture. Folks buy deboxed dolls all the time. Waste of a class really.

Make Flagstone Flooring (those are two separate links by the way)
I was very happy with the results of Grandville Park. You'll be seeing more of this effect soon(ish). (Meaning in like 6 months)

This was the first assignment I completed. I fell soooo far from the original tutorial, but here was the result: 

Well that sucks. I've been so busy with projects but never really made them an "assignment".

The original list is longer and I really should revise it a bit, but for the purpose of accountability here it is. Anything crossed out is not feasible at this time. Everything else will be done. I have a lot to do! 

(PS: I flocked the dude you see above as well as a FR Homme Victor so stay tuned for that and the project I've been working way too long on. Oh and Nymeria's sister!)

Color hair using food coloring, acrylic paint or RIT dye. (Done, but not photographed yet)
Construct room box of wood including window cuts
Create some printies
Make a set of bedding 
Create 5 doll drinks
Make three doorways: modern, traditional, cottage
Make a centaur
Restore and decorate a plastic doll home. Then sell it. (Final project)
Design and sew Dani’s wedding gown
Use foam care to make optical illusion of another room beyond a room box.
Repaint a doll to resemble a celebrity
Customize two pairs of doll shoes
Create photo spread using 3 dolls with coordinating outfits, including set design (Just work on photography!)
Create a set with a particular theme (what does this even mean?)
Customize 3 doll animals
Construct a piece of doll furniture
Prep and sell doll items on ebay. At least 6.
Make one pair of doll shoes
Make 3 sets of doll jewelry



  1. Congratulations on getting some of your assignments done. Done = good, in my book.

    Someone had this link for The Toy Philosopher's Alice post:

    The link shows a MH based centaur. Not sure that you would want to go that way, but I thought seeing that could trigger some reaction.

    I like the idea of customizing and then selling a standard dollhouse. I enjoy reading about your creativity. Someday, I might get out of my lazy rut and do something fun like that.

    1. Oooh, that's a great centaur. Since my aliens are MH's maybe all my fantasy dolls should be as well...

  2. If I had a list like that I would frustrate myself to no end. I am easily distracted and work on things willy nilly. My hat off to you at what you've accomplished and on your future goals.

    1. Though lists tend to help me organize my ideas, I confess that I didn't look at this list once since I wrote it. There are so many other projects I did that aren't on this list. I just really wanted to try new things. All the tutorials I printed are much more inspiring!

  3. Congrats on getting parts of your list done and revisiting the list. It's always great to have a list even when it takes a while to finish it. Looking forward to the new projects.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Maybe the new list will give me some new focus. I love the dive bar bathroom and all but did my dolls actually need it? Hopefully I can blend some fun in with the assignments!

  4. Bow down to your updated list! I wish you to complete more and more targets on the list and I'm looking forward for the centaur :)

    1. Thanks Sergio! I want to do a sort of fairy tale, so it would be cool to make all kinds of fantasy woodland creatures...

  5. I remember your list. Lol! You have made a lot of progress. Congrats on getting the reroots done. That is a tedious job. I am always so anxious for the end results as soon as I stuck the needle in the head for the first time. I use the knot method.

    Happy Sunday to you Dani!


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