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No, Seriously This Time

You've heard this before: I'm going on a hiatus!

But this time my friends, it will be much longer. The dolls and all their homes will be packed up, organized and stored.

I have not told any doll people until now but the non doll folks are very unhappy at this news. Sometimes people think of your hobby as all of who you are.  When I stopped writing novels (because they were crap), I was depressed for a while. Having considered myself a writer since I was about 13, to be without it gave me no definition. Who was I?

During the years that followed, I did all manner of crafty fun. And none of it satisfied like dolls. Creating the characters and worlds was a lot like writing. And when I did add writing to it, it was even better.

But then came the kids. At first it was easy to balance, with them being so small and immobile and sleeping all the time. But now, they need me. My home needs me, my husband needs me, my total lack of style needs me (who wants style when someone's just going to come wipe peanut butter on it?).  [Let me also add that cutting back on dolls is kind of like telling a crack head to cut back on the smoking of crack. With a crack lab in the basement and a crack display room upstairs!]

I need to make art or I'll be really unhappy. So I'll be practicing the ABC's (Always Be Crafting) for the kids and the home. Organizing my bills and paper crap, constantly trying everything on Pinterest.  Basically it comes down to the kids. They aren't getting the full on obsessive mom  I was born to be because I'm obsessing about go the hell to bed so I can play!

I was doing some Froggy Stuff for my niece's birthday and working on the Hubs' Halloween costume (wishing I was in the basement building a new set) and I was thinking to myself that this is what I should be doing.

Of course there is a risk. I have noticed when doll folks go away for a while, they don't have the following they used to when they return. But hey, that's fine with me. I'll take originality over popularity any day. Ahem.

Anyway I'm very happy about the decision and excited about organizing all this stuff, tossing out some junk and selling off some dolls. And hey maybe I'll do that give away before I go.

I have a list of projects to finish and share but I want to be done by December 31st. Wish me luck!  Perhaps I'll share some of the packing process as well.

You'll notice now that comments are moderated. You know, even in our very polite doll world, there are some real assholes and instead of an e-battle, I'm taking the high road and not responding, nor letting their comments out in the world.

If you have made it this far in the post, I commend you! I fear Facebook is ruining my attention span...



  1. So, I was gonna comment, but I emailed you instead. Hugs, babe.

  2. Gah! Well, if you really feel that way, then I'm all for you! I'm lucky that I'm to young to have kids or a hubby ;), so my freetime can be devoted to dolls. *Hugs*

    1. Live it up while you can Verona! If only I had been so passionate a doll collector when I has sooo much free time and money!

  3. This post is bittersweet. I completely see where you are coming from. I don't have a hubby or kids, and stepped away. You won't lose me as a friend or as a follower. *Big hugs* Do what you must, and enjoy the non-plastic side of life. (^_^)

    1. Thanks for the support love. We'll always have facebook! And I'm about to post my new blog that I've already started because I'm a sicko.

  4. You're singing my song sister. Everything you posted, I've been feeling too. It's really tough to balance the hobby with everything else. As a single mother, I'd have to stay up very late, just to post something and the late hours get old. I will always follow your blog. I love your humor and take on the doll world. In my opinion, you're like the Dave Chappelle of plastic writing, LOL. I remember when nap time was a regular thing around my house. Now, it's like this girl has a Starbuck's IV in her arm or something. I look forward to seeing photos of your crafting and other creative outlets you might decide to take up during your hiatus.

    Enjoy your time away, we'll be right here.

    1. Tell me about it! What happened to naps? Be sure to follow the new blog. Lotsa kid crafts.

  5. All the best to you. We will miss you in the doll world, but I'm already following the other blog. I completely understand your challenge. Good luck in your new venture.

  6. You'll be missed Dani, but I so understand. I was telling a friend just the other day that I spend so much time on the computer (following blogs or other doll related boards) to the point that I have neglected other things that are important to me. I LOVE to read, but I am still in chapter 1 in Fifty Shades of Grey...I started it over a month ago. It's not that it is not a good read, it is that I am choosing to spend obsessive time on the computer. So good for you. I will follow your other blog. P. S. I absolutely love your humor! Lol!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl! I really really hope I don't replace all the doll construction with hanging out on Facebook! hahah. Thanks for the support honey!

  7. Dani

    We all understand and that means I totally understand how you feel! I never thought I'll be away from my blog this long. I'm kind of sad that this is happening, but when life is at your door it has to be opened. I'm looking for a new job (bills, bills, bills) and preparing to take some classes next year. My doll life have taken a back seat! However, when I get some "me time" I'm going to play with my ladies and dudes something serious!

    I will follow the new blog. I was also thinking about starting a new blog myself talking about life! Lord knows I have so many things to share!

    You take care of yourself and family Dani and see you on facebook!

  8. You will definitely be missed in the doll world. You have an amazing sense of humor and your dolly posts always kept me laughing! But, I completely understand when it's time for change. I'll be following your new blog :)

    1. Thanks Adrian. I find your work really inspiring and I'll be continuing to follow your blog as well!


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