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Big Sister's in Town and a Lurve Connection?

Hiya folks,

I'm still procrastinating on the royal story. Every time I play the scene in my head where Princess Victoire meets Dani, it keeps changing. I positively did not know how I wanted it to play out.

Then I suddenly remembered why I wanted a castle in the first place. But I'm not giving it away yet. I'll just say this, Zolandia is not going to be the wholesome place I thought it would be.

Anyway, did I tell you about the doll trade from the heavens? I'm sure I did, but I never photographed much of it, so check it out. (You'll see the rest by and by.) When I knew I was getting the A-frame cottage, I never thought this sucker would be so big. It was so good that I couldn't let Zolandia have it. This is gonna be the party house. I don't know if it will belong to anyone in particular.

So much for my big Grandville Park but it fits here perfectly.

It's so big, I got my whole Bratz (?) sushi bar up here with no problem and lots of space for losers to hang out.

I love that 70's attention to detail. Can't wait to paint this. BUT it will be a long time from now. Maybe a year or two. I want to drink in the tacky charm.

Across the house on the bottom level. This is all temporary decor, trying this weird space on. I made some foam core walls years ago and with a little trim on top they will fit nicely on either of these open sides so I can have some options when shooting pics.

So until the house is ready for a party, (when the royals and the squares finally leave Grandville maybe) the gang is over at Population. Let's join them.

Introducing Cheri*, Zeke's older sister:
 *also from the best trade ever.

I've been wanting a blonde that wasn't pure evil like Hanna. While she's definitely got a naughty gleam in her eye, I think this blonde is going to be smart and good.
Pia: What the hell do you want?
Zeke: You're looking lovely tonight, Pia. I see your sister isn't here. Maybe now we can talk, get to know--

Ava: Hey, is Aragorn mackin' on your sister over there?
Zeke: Whaaaa?!

"Hey Cheri, how you been? Lookin' good."
"Aragorn.  You certainly haven't changed much."

Pia: Can I borrow Hans tonight? I need to punish-fuck something blond."
Ava: Yeah, I'm not sure we're even dating. 

Ava: Hans, darling?
Pia: Don't say a word, pretty boy. Just meet me out back.

Another set of siblings watches the action from a far. "Hey Marie, who's that girl over there?"
"Which one? They're both new in town."

"Wow, Tipsey, it's lovely to meet you. Your band is amazing. I dropped acid the other day and listened to your album on a loop for like 7 hours."
"That means so much to me Claire. Your reputation proceeds you. I hope we can work together soon."

"The short haired one wearing, like, underpants in public without looking slutty. She is spectacular"
"I'll find out for you."

"Oh no."

"Aw, man, she's leaving."
"Small town. You'll see her again."

I'm currently working on fixing up rooms in Josephine's house. Hanna, Claire, Aria and Sooki live there so far. I'm working on some home improvement things for Remi and Bailey. And the royals royals royals.



  1. Que gran cantidad de barbies y ken, claro se que hay de otro estilo. Esta vez no pude entender claramente la historia, no hablo ingles, pero me agradan tus fotos.

  2. Ok, first, awesome work you did on the castle, you have fairy hands! Wow!!
    OMG! We have the same barbie house, or for better say, my sisters have that barbie house :-( They keep it in our storage, it's forbidden for me :-(
    Btw, so cool you found one!
    Love your narrative intrigues <3

  3. Congrats on getting The Barbie Dream Cottage. Looks great! If you think that's big, you should see the A-Frame house. It's huge! Nice to see the crowd at Population.

  4. Lot going on in Population! I know you will do well by the Cottage. :-)

  5. I have seen that same house repainted black and white and used as an Asian restaurant with the sushi bar upstairs too! I think most of the houses are huge! LOL!

    1. hahah I just saw that sushi bar version online! I'm obsessed with ooak barbie houses, but most are just too small, even when they are big!

  6. We here in the Royal World of Daniel are waiting in anticipation for the Zolandia Launch. All my Royals are ready to tune into your Royal story. Also remember to contact me if you need anything in the area of jewellery.

  7. Congratulations on the new scene setter.

    I like how you've restyled Zeke's hair and Aragon's hair.

  8. Thanks D7ana. Poor Aragorn. He doesn't have a real name and his hair could use a little update! Projects projects projects!


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