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Why be neat when you can be fast?

I'm sloppy. I'm starting to wonder if it's even in my personality to change that. I'm sloppy and clumsy in many aspects of my life, to which the neat freak husband will attest. So my doll creations are sloppy. Sometimes when I see the fine work you all are doing out there, I get down on myself, feel jealous and that I'll never be as good as you guys.

But you know what? That's fine! I'm just going to go ahead and NOT listen to the lady at the dollhouse store talk to me about fancy pants glue and learn the hard way that Elmer's Glue is warping my foam core.

So anyway, you know my doll "apartment building"? This thing:

Well in the interest of space and not totally blocking all the light in this weird, cedar paneled room, I have flipped it vertical and let it sit on the floor. The room looks more open now, but there are a couple of issues:

You can't really photograph the bottom shelf. I mean, I'd have to lay down on the floor and in my advanced fecund state, chances are I would remain on the floor for some time. Another issue are the dirty grabby hands of a certain small person who enjoys Mom's dolls quietly grabbing things and taking off with them. No longer sated by the naked reject Barbies, she's got her eyes fixed on the doll homes. There is only so much "No, those are Mommies" that one can do. Soon there will be two of them and then there will be no escape.

So, I made some big doors out of foam core to over these rooms. Of course I should have called my father, had him cut some wood for me and help me affix hinges. But nooooo, I had to have it immediately. So I cut some window holes out, which of course are crooked, no matter what rule I'm using. And I'll prolly be attaching them with gaffer's tape. Coz I'm classy like that.

I'm getting to my point, I swear. So now I have these square with window holes cut out. I was thinking of using papier mache to make a sort of stucco looking exterior and covering up my crooked windows.

BUT, Elmer's glue warps my foam core! Can you imagine Elmer's and water? Hmm. Welp, by Monday you'll see my half assed version of what I should have done.

I better move fast because my small minion looks entirely too happy that these doll rooms are at her level now.

Part Two:

I realize the best blogs involve some kind of reader participation. Who wants to just read about my doll inferiority complex, even if I do try to make it funny?

So I ask you my fair readers, how do you store/organize your extra doll furniture? You'll see in the picture above, they are wherever I can fit them: above doll homes, in spare doll rooms, in old milk crates, in plastic bins, in those giant ziplocs shoved in closets. But my paint jobs are suffering. Any ideas folks?

In other news, I got my tripod and I'm really excited about it. Now I can see what a photo will look like, step away and fix it and not lose the angle. Life is good. Good and sloppy.



  1. Hi Dani! Since you asked the proverbial do I store my gazillion pieces of furniture & various dolly plunder..I'll tell ya. I installed kitchen cabinets in our laundry room (a.k.a. my STUDIO). I have a corner unit complete with lazy susan; one bank of drawers and two units with double doors/2 drawers above. (make sense?) I also put 3 shelves up on one wall above the cabinets. I think the span is around 7.5 feet. Although I have only found one shelf that long I have cobbled up 2 others just a little shorter. I also purchased those plastic storage drawers that stack to hold all my doll clothes & overflow oversized accessories like art, pillows, rugs, etc. I think I have 8 or so of these stacked just to the right of the cabinets. I also bought storage boxes from Ikea..the paper/cardboard type that normally are used for office supplies or photo storage. I have a row of those lining my countertop to hold additional props. I really should just post a pic for you on my blog...if you are interested in seeing it. I'm not finished with it yet..but I plan on turning the wall shelves into my diorama space. I have the same problem you do with grubby little hands. :) My youngest is 2 and just LOVES my minis! (I have 4 kids) Let me know if you are interested in a pic..I know my description is not the best...

  2. Thanks Stephiejo, I'd love to see a photo! I love to see the work/play space of other doll lovers. The kitchen cabinet idea sounds great! Then everything is hidden away so they eye can really focus on the good stuff.

  3. I have plastic tubs with lids. I have my furniture and props sorted by room and as I find or make something for a room, I add it to its box. Unfortunately, the boxes have taken over my diningroom. I hope to remedy that this weekend with the help of my husband and teenage son.


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