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Dolls Thinking for Themselves

I think you photostory people can attest to this. These dolls really do have personalities! Sure, we assign them a role and sometimes they attack it with relish. And when I set up relationships, I set the dolls next to each other for a few days and see what faces they make. I swear, they make faces!! They will really look disgusted or pleased.

But sometimes, they just don't agree with anything you try to do.

Take for example Dynamite Girl African American Heartbreaker TJ. I love Dynamite girls. They are wonderful posers and if you just tilt their head, the emotions on their face are really different. But this one has given me trouble since the beginning.

I renamed her Alanna. A name I really don't like. Doesn't seem to suit her at all. It really came from a former personality I assigned to her.

First she was a lawyer with a double life. One with her real estate mogul boyfriend:

Another with her thugged out boyfriend from high school:

Then she was a reporter:

Then a dancer:
Then she traveled for a while, looking for herself:

Finally I've given her an assignment that she seems to enjoy: wealthy socialite (who is secretly a spy).

But then she totally screws me up!

In dismantling the Halloween party (to take separate photos of everyone getting ready) since her home is in prime toddler-reach, I set down in the room where the band, The Vinyls practice, along with some members of the band.

So I come back in a few hours later and her head is on the shoulder of the drummer. She looks happier than she's ever looked! He looks pleased but basically indifferent. Maybe because , SPOILER ALERT, he knows he was gonna get some at the Halloween party.

But how will this relationship work? It would be like Tommy Lee going out with Tinsley Mortimer! (tell me you get those references) Frankly I'm just mad at this girl. Her best friend was supposed to be Riveting Premiere Isha who had a long time relationship with this dude (Aragorn Ken).

She's throwing the whole world into an uproar, but I'm included to do what she wants since I've had such a hard time with her. And well, I know of several breakups coming up, so it's nice to have some new love.



  1. Don't you totally love it when dolls throw you for a loop & all your well thought out plans go out the window??!! ;)

    Don't feel bad though--mind do that to me a lot too! I'll say this though--when it happens just roll with it because you really do get some of the best character/personalities when that happens.

    SO... just to be clear here...have you got some photostories online and I've not been able to find the links to them?

  2. Okay I've been totally busted. I have no photostories online. Okay well, you can go to But you can't really call them photostories I guess. Unless I just say, "Well my photos and telling a story..." I had done a bunch and gave them captions, but something happened with weebly and they all deleted and I cried. So I'm sort of starting over...

  3. LOL!!
    Hey that's ok! We all start somewhere (I mean have you seen my first photostories? They're hideous! and all done in tables with the text on one side and the pics on the other!!)

    I've never done anything with weebly (I do my own websites (one for my general doll stuff & the one for the quinlan chronicles) but if I can ever give you a hand or help (or try) let me know, ok? (feel free to email me).

  4. Ugh! Dolls! Mine do that too! I had this whole plan in my head about an ongoing relationship that would slowly evolve over a few years, so soap opera style, lol. But nope. Once I got the dolls together, it turns out they were brother & sister! Not gonna work, lol. But hey, it happens. Erica's right-- the havoc they wreck when they come to life is really the best (if quite annoying) part! PS- I love that band name, lol!

  5. Totally. I bought Electropop Jasper to be BFFs with Feelin' Fierce Dani and it turns out they're bitter rivals. Which is much more interesting...


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