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Up to the Challenge

Whenever someone tells me they ran a 10K to "challenge" themselves, I always roll my eyes. People always say stuff like that. I never understood why one would challenge themselves. What's the point? Either you can run 10k or you can't. Just do it because you want to, you're a fitness nut or it's a good cause. But to push yourself to see what you're made of? I never got this at all.

And in things like art or writing, I always got spooked by the competition in a challenge, so I'd bow out. Because if you're not the best, what's the point?

My people, I finally get it. I guess I never realized how important the doll hobby has become to me. And yes, many times I do feel like everyone is more talented than me. But that actually doesn't bother me!

So when Nat at the Figurevore forum put up a new challenge to make lingerie for a doll, I jumped at it.

My faithful readers know that I have a two month old and a two year old. Here I naively thought I would spend my maternity leave working on dolls and taking small breaks for motherhood. Instead I barely see my dolls, even the new ones and my life is lived between the naps.

So an assignment is just what I needed. Not a "I'll make X when I have time," but a "I gotta make X by Sunday!"

I knew I would use Simi as my muse. She has a wonderful body. I have a plastic crush on her and as my dominatrix, she needed some outfits.

I planned a full vinyl outfit for her using vinyl tape. I would make a diaper for her client and a gas mask with a hose that connects to...well, we'll discuss that later.

In the end, I just worked on a corset. I tried making boning from paper clips, I considered just painting it.

Instead, I covered Simi's bodice in painter's tape and papier mache'd it.
Then I cut it off with an X-acto knife:

And here is the result:

I went through a lot of stops and starts and it's still a hot mess, but as prototypes go, I'm pretty proud of the jumping off point. Planning several types of corsets for Simi.

Anyway, so I finally learned that when you love a thing, you take every opportunity that will help you grow as a doll artist/collector/whatever.  So big ups to Figurevore!!

Go check out my Flickr for a bazillion more pics. In related news, I'm caring more about my photos and I think it shows!



  1. It came out REALLY good! I say, talent...just like art and beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. This, is talent to me. I don't know that I would have the patience or imagination to make something like that, and I like to consider myself somewhat artistic. But I have my limits. :)

    It's nice to see a busy mom still take time out to do things she enjoys. ;) I am the mother of a two going on three year old with Autism, and it's tough but at the end of the day, I feel rounded by doing for me too.

    Great job, she Simi looks HAWT! :)

  2. Thanks Tracy! You have to do for yourself or you'll go crazy! Plus you gotta bring something to the table for your kids. Art can be great for autistic kids (well, any kid) so I know your kids have a great example in you!

  3. I agree. Giving to our kids is giving to ourselves too. I am so excited my daughter starts preschool in one month! It's one of the best special day classes in my area and I'm hoping she does well. I want to get her in everything that has to do with Art because you're right, Art and other hands on skills are great for kids on the spectrum. :)


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