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Mother Talzin

I love movies and books that create super detailed fictional worlds, but I've never been into Star Wars. It's such a GUY thing. Like the Lord of the Rings books. Snore. Princess Leia wasn't all that interesting to me and Padme is fine but neither one really kick butt. I've seen all six films at least 2-3 times and fall asleep every time. 

I have to admit the Clone Wars animated movie/tv show is better. You get so into the beautiful art and meeting an Anakin that is flawed and round that you could really see him turning into Darth Vader. And finally, awesome females.

But I still wasn't interested until Asajj Ventress. She's a Sith-ette and a formidable opponent.

Humor me, I'm getting to my point.

She's from a female dominant planet of witches (SOLD!) who keep men on the other side of the planet as chattle. (Darth Maul was of this race of men.) I told the Hubs I needed an Monster High doll to make her into Ventress and he had secretly already gotten me one for our anniversary! Ventress is more of a gray color but I thought she would work.

 But you know, Ventress is bald. I thought of compensating by doing her up in her ninja outfit:

And she has many many variations in costume and design.

But then I met the high priestess of the Night Sisters

And she talks like a gypsy.

I still want to make a Ventress, but I really want to make this one. Hmm, now how I'll make the costume, I do not know!

Oh and scored some stuff at the dollar store:

I plan on building a school. When? I dunno, maybe 2013? And the candle holder will be a fountain or maybe will hold up a statue. Either way, it's for Grandville park.

Then that poster will be the background for the lighthouse. Maybe that will inspire me to make a beach...

I passed up some fake dog puke but I might go back for it. Hey, with burn-outs like my dolls, there's bound to be an incident or two.

And no I haven't even looked at the bridal shower shots. Sigh.



  1. Well I'm tuned it to see how your Mother Talzin turns out. I've always been intrigued by the far-out minded people. I'm sure you are going to come up with something great!

  2. Thanks Vanessa. I guess when she's done she'll be donated to the Hubs and his Star Wars toy collection. I have no time for dolls that are just around for display! This should be fun!

    And hey, I need a distraction from all the stuff I'm SUPPOSED to be doing!

  3. Well if you need a grayer body the Skull Shores Frankie is gray. I'm intrigued by what you will do. I loved the LOTR & Star Wars (the early ones..I was a kid). But I take no offense :O)

  4. Well I definitely need a bald one for Ventress. I think that Build a Monster thing they have will be good. I can find a gray there, but Ventress is also sort of purple and greenish from certain angles. You won't see much of Mother Talzin's skin. She kind of looks like she's wearing some white powder so I'm hoping that will work..

    I did a "rough draft" and it was not cute!! I have some work to do!


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