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Power to the People!

Greetings my friends! I'm sorry I've been AWOL lately. My job is making it just impossible to slack off and hang out on the blogs. Selfish! In exchange for your forgiveness, I present to you my devilish idea. Well, I'll let Dani explain.

"Hello Big Folk. My name is Dani Fear. You may not recognize me because my most merciful Goddess doesn't see fit to feature me very often. No matter because I am the bride and it's my time now."

 "Almost as if I'm being punished, The Great One you all know as Dani, has taken it upon herself to ruin my most sacred day. And she bids you to help her. Awesome."

 "We all know the dress is the only party of the wedding anyone cares about. Just like awards shows.  Now the power is in your hands, Giantesses. You will pick my wedding dress. I beg you not to fail me."

 Dress 1: "This is the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Please tell me this is a gag dress."
 Dress 2: "Oh I see, my prince is to rescue me from myself? By the way if you can't see, this is covered in green glitter."
 Dress 3: "Hmm, despite the silver glitter this one isn't half bad. Looked much cheaper on a lesser doll."
 Dress 4: Oooh, I feel like a Manhattan sophisticate. Tres elegant!
 Dress 5: "Oooh, I'm a princess!"


 Dress 6: "Oh I feel like waltzing in this. Dreamy."

"So what's it going to be ladies? My special day depends on you!"

Keep in mind, these are the bridesmaid dresses:

Vote Now!


  1. I love dress 4, I think it fits Dani best, but dress 5 might go better with the bridesmaids' dresses.

  2. Little secret. #4 fits because it's held together with binder clips. ha!

  3. 4 does go well with the bridesmaids. But I know you spent hella money on 5. You have to go with 5.

  4. I thought the purple dress was going to be the bridesmaidss dress. 5 is gorgeous, but 4 does go better with the bridesmaid dress. You could always change the bridesmaids' dress. LOL! Just kidding! I know you just had a mild heart attack. I knows (not a typo) what you are dealing with over there with all the wedding planning. Decisions are changing daily over here regarding dresses, flowers and everything in between. I even like dress #6, which would be a great compromise between 4 and 5. As you can see, I am going to be no help at all! My vote....4, 5, or 6.

  5. I think n 5 is gorgeous and fits perfectly with the maid's. So my vote is for it!

  6. Boy, #5 is getting so many votes! I think it goes well enough with the bridesmaid dresses, with the draping and all. Though,less sort of punk rock. I was really torn myself. I might make #4 the wedding reception dress. It's not like #5 would even fit in the room. Or I might save it for a more mature bride. We'll see...

  7. Well I like 6 best on her followed by 4. 5 is beautiful but she doesn't carry it off imho..sorry people. I know it doesn't carry the bridesmaid dress but maybe they need a change? :\

  8. Beautiful dresses, all of them. I'm torn between #4 and #5...but I think leaning a lil' more towards #5.

  9. All opinions are welcome Dollz4Moi! I'll be sure not to tell the bride you said that. Don't want a Bridezilla on my hands!

  10. I totally agree that 5 is gorgeous, it just doesn't look like too much fun. The bridesmaid dresses are screaming punk rock party, and the bride should be having just as much fun (preferably way more!) on her big day. I know it's not actually an option, but if it were my wedding, I'd rip the filmy neck & sleeves off dress #3, and embrace the whole rock & roll Cyndi Lauper vibe. But I'm weird. ;) (Still, 5 would be my second choice, lol.) Can't wait for the wedding!

  11. Excellent point Carmen. #5 seemed logical but it is a bit more on the high maintenance side. Though I guess it's not my wedding so it's hard to judge. I don't think brides actually have any fun on their big day. But the voice of the people cannot be denied.

  12. Loving dress #5. Voting for it too. #4 isn't bad either :)

  13. I love 4,5, and 6 But if I would have to do it big I'm going with 5!


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