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Mademoiselle Marie Returns to Grandville

Caution: Doll nudity.

Oh my dears it has been a hellish couple of weeks in which the girls have entirely forgotten how to sleep. There is hardly any doll time these days. Still, I am working on a project to be revealed in a week or so. Always gotta keep those hands busy no matter how little time I have!

Anywho, Mademoiselle Marie is back from getting an intensive hair transplant and face up from our own dear Cat from A Doll Affinity, who at this point I'm going to consider my personal re-rooter. As you saw on her blog, she did a fantastic job giving Marie dreadlocks.

If you remember, poor Marie was frightful to look at.

So I was all giddy to rebody her then the trouble began. Pour quoi Marie?! Sacre bleu!

Mme. Marie has a soft fleshy chest plate that pops off. It's the same body as Ms. Fear but Fear's chest is hard. The fleshy chest must have somehow shrunk. Her head flopped around, it was a mess. I put her on Miss Fear's body (who now has a CZ girl body) and the same head wobble!

Look at the mug on this dame. I had to make something work.

I tried some Obitsu parts and different types of bodies and nothing worked. I finally put her on her own body and gave her Ms. Fear's breastplate. A bit off color but not too shabby.

 She was originally going to be sort of a cyber fetish goth? I dunno what to call them. They wear fetish gear and do all kinds of anime type stuff with their hair. Like this.

But I got a much more gutter punk vibe about her. Hmm, a google search for gutter punk did not yield what I thought. There are these punks around here who basically dress like classic Sex Pistols type punks, but instead of black, they wear brown. It's very Mad Max. They look like they just rolled around in mud. Let's call them mud punks.

UPDATE: They are actually called Crusty Punks.

She's like the kind of girl who doesn't shower much but seems to get laid just the same. She's going to be Felix's sister. Maybe I should put her in the wedding...

What a face. Beautiful job Cat! I can't wait to put little cruddy little charms in her hair like Jack Sparrow. I thought of also dipping the tips of the dreads in a bleach and water solution.
 Iris photo bomb!

Here's a quickie of Felix and Dani's new house. It's all white now with wood contact paper floor in the living room and some tile in the kitchen. Just gotta do the floors on the second level, hang some art and it's done (ish).
Had just a few minutes to shoot Bianca and the family. I promise a full scene soon. You're going to love to hate her. She needs a redress. Those pants are just too short. You can also seen the remains of the saddest park bench ever. It collapsed on me.
 Josephine is none too pleased with her new houseguest.



  1. Wow! Marie and Felix and Dani's new house look smashing! And for some reason, I always love villans! Can't wait to see Bianca's official apperance!

  2. I know! My most devious characters are the most popular! Poor Dani (the bride to be) she's so oatmeal and cornflakes. YAWN.

  3. Marie turned out really nice. Her dreads suit her. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. I love the Bianca Jordan doll, so I can't wait to see her in action.


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