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Poppy Returns to Grandville!

But first! A trip to visit my dad always yields something good. His workshop is full of little treasures. This time I asked for a tool box. He has dozens of those things but he happened to have a perfect one for me.

Top level for tools and small items.
 Middle section for adhesives and bulkier things used often.
 The bottom for paint (I later added a bag of reroot tools and hair)
This normally took up 4 clear shoe-box sized bins. Organi-zized!

Okay now some shots of Poppy before I wrecked her bangs. (Sorry Cat, you knew it would happen!)

I can't tell you how much I love Poppy now that Cat gave her a reroot and awesome bang. I've decided Poppy Parker's eyes are just too wide and it makes her look like a moron. But with longer hipster bangs, she has the perfect amount of sass!

And she has a dark side.

"I don't know if you remember me. I only lived in Grandville a short time. Before it was even called Grandville. I had what you might call a nervous breakdown. I had to visit a Sanitarium for a while to have my head looked at by the good Dr. Cat.

Had I known what I was coming home to, I might never have returned."

 [Author's note: Grandville exists outside of the space-time continuum. What you are seeing takes place after the Morristown wedding and after Felix's bachelor party. One of which is taking place nowish and one is being reworked.]

 A wild party at Hanna's:
[Yes, I'm aware I have continuity problems. Just play along.]

The party favors:

"Oh Hanna dear, Zeke's impressionable young girlfriend has arrived..."

"Boohoo," impressionable young girlfriend, Penny cries.

 "What do you mean his GIRLFRIEND? Wait a minute Grandville. What the hell has been going on here? You have a drug dealer now?  I hear there are *yeck* children? And any skanky ho can mack on your man?"

 "Zeke, how could you?! I trusted you!"
"Sorry babe, you were gone so long..."

 "And YOU! You *&%$#@! We were roommates! You're supposed to be my friend!"

 "There, there Poppy. You've gotten your bangs all in a tizzy. You have to expect these things when you're friends with Hanna," Bailey comforts.
"What about you?"
 "Oh Hanna knows better."

"You poor thing. You're a lovely girl, you don't need that jerk."

 "That b*tch Hanna has to pay."
"You should call my sister Dani. She's nursin' a mean grudge," Sooki suggests.

Poppy is back and ready for vengeance! What will Poppy do? Why does Dani have a grudge against Hanna now? I have no idea yet!



  1. Poppy looks great! Did she really expect she could be gone that long and still have a boyfriend when she returns? Cat may have removed some brain matter with that reroot!

  2. Oh my goodness, things have gone crazy! XD
    Poppy looks fantastic!

  3. Oh Hanna! I just LOVE Cat-fights! Whoo!

  4. Ok, you're the first blog with a drug dealer! LOL! And was that a bong? Yeah, it crazy town now. She might want to be an outpatient with her doctor.

    1. Well, ya gotta stand out somehow Ms. Leo! I'm hoping to introduce a call girl into the mix but sadly it's been done before. I think Poppy has some rage issues! Maybe I need a town therapist!

  5. How did Blogger NOT put this where I could see it?! Loving the story line! And her bangs increased in crazy right along with her rage. Hands down hilarious! (^_^) But I may be to blame for her rage, as she and I cursed at one another during the entire re-root process. She was even trouble while I was re-rooting her. The HARDEST re-root I have done to date. But, I still have love for the girl, rage issues and all.

    1. Well she did turn out beautifully. I'm going to miss your services.

  6. Hi I'm new here :) I have a similar tool box like that, i't's very comfortable for keeping items. Poppy is stunning, can't wait to see what she'll do

    1. Hi Sergio! Thanks for coming by. I'm always looking for ways to organize all this stuff! Now that the tools are organized, time to work on organizing the clothes!

  7. Good story vita plastica what poppy is that and what doll is Danielle


    1. Hi Elijah,

      That is a Coney Island Saturday Poppy. Thanks for visiting!


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