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Channel One Action News!

"Good evening, Grandville, I'm Lavita Terrell reporting live from Grandville's hottest spot for the avant guard set, Population."

"The mood here is really upbeat. Everyone's happy to be out of their boxes, reunited with their loved ones. We'll all be at each other's throats soon enough but for now, we're all just happy to be home."

"Poppy Parker, how are you feeling tonight?"
"Very optimistic. I'm hoping to get more work this time around. I heard the Flesh Human was thinking of giving me a name change.That could spice things up."

"Well good luck to you on that Poppy. It's hard to click with the Flesh Human when she doesn't buy you herself. Stay strong."

"Sookie Fear, Grandville's own enfant terrible. How does it feel to be home?"
"Oh it's great Lavita! I can't wait for the school to open!"

 "And I hope to have my own photostory too, Flesh Human."

"Wait, Johnny, what the hell are you doing?"

"Are you getting this?" Lavita whispers.

"What? I was just talking!"
"I heard what you were talking about Johnny! She's my auntie!"
"Only by marriage, Sookie," Zarrin purrs.

"Sookie, man, I think we need to break up."

"There you have it folks, another couple bites the dust in Grandville."
"Johnny Tan, how are you feeling?"
"I mean, look I'm one of the hottest dudes in Grandville. I can't be tied down, man."
"Sookie, what's going through your mind right now?"
"I can't believe it Lavita. I thought he might be the one. But I'm just hoping the Flesh Human will find me a nice replacement."

"Here comes Grandville's It Couple, Remi and Bailey! What do you guys think of the Sookie/Johnny break up?"
Remi rolls his eyes, "Wow, I mean if Sookie and Johnny can't make it, is there hope for any of us? My world is shattered."
Lavita chuckles. "Are you glad to be back together, Bailey?"
"Definitely Lavita. We've been getting the loft back together and looking to get full custody of Remi's son, Julian."

"Great news, I look forward to that."

[Meanwhile, taken on someone's cell phone, Johnny and Zarrin waste no time. I guess her period of celibacy is over and she's about to get buck wild.]

"So got shot down by Zarrin, huh?" Sookie asks.
"Yeah. Got dumped, huh?"
"Wanna hook up?"
"Meh, I guess so."
"Such enthusiasm. Let's go before you change your mind."

"There you have it folks. Back to normal here in our beloved Grandville. I'm Lavita Terrell at Population nightclub in downtown Grandville for Channel One Action News. Back to you Jim."

[There's no Jim yet.]

Sidebar: Franco the gypsy is no more. Josephine gets featured less so he gets featured less. I don't even understand how that relationship worked. I need men, so he's back in the game. I scrubbed off his facial hair scrubbed off. Liquid eyeliner. This stuff is magic. He'll get some new facial hair for a very special role I have in mind for him. You'll seeeeeee.

Well well well. Look who's back in Grandville.

Hanna peers into the window of Hot Wax & Heroes, looking for a friend, if she still has any in this town.

A chance meeting could be the solution.

Raimunda, Brazilian bombshell walks home after an afternoon of shopping. "This GPS is not helping me around this new doll room at all!"

Back at Population, Zeke waits until Pia leaves her sister alone for moment to swoop in and sweet talk.

"Yeah but baby, you're the one I keep coming back to, not them. They meant nothing to me.
Oh brother.



  1. I hope this will be my first comment. Johnny is doing someone in the back. I tell you, these stories are not for children at all. I can not wait to start on my stories again. Keep up the good work Dani!

  2. QUOTE: "[There's no Jim yet.]" hahahahaaaaaaa.... *snort*

    The dollies appear to have heaps of plans, so the pressure is on (you)! This is too much fun.

  3. Hello from Spain: Lavita Terrell is an experienced journalist. Raimunda wearing a very pretty dress. I also like her shopping bags. Keep in touch

  4. This was hilarious! While scrolling down, it's like...drama, drama, drama [Remi & Bailey walk in] *sigh's and gushes* cont'd scrolling...drama, drama, uh oh, possible drama...LOVE it! Grandville is looking good by the way.

  5. I love your group shots. They are so "live."

    Lavita gave me a laugh when she swooped in on Sooki's breakup. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Hanna. Should I pity Raimunda? Guess we'll all see.

  6. Lavita is a true anchor woman she was all over that breakup story.

  7. Hilarious! Loved it all, especially the bathroom shot. Now I have to go check out the other posts I missed. I'm so behind!


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