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The New Grandville!

Hi folks!

I am so exhausted. I haven't even wanted to take any available time (any time the girls are sleeping) to blog or take pictures. I really wanted the doll room together. Still much more to do but I'm off to a good start.

But first, I think you should sit down. Let's talk. During the unpacking, it was just like any other doll situation, the dolls direct the action. Sometimes you can't help what a doll is feeling. It's no one's fault. Well, it's mostly Hanna's fault. But Dani and Felix are not getting married. They tried to reconcile but Dani just couldn't live with the whole town knowing their private shame.

Dani now resides at Josephine's Home for Wayward Singles where she set herself up with a lonely girl studio apartment.

The new owner of her and Felix's house is Mistress Ava. I'd been wanting to do a goth house or give her a dungeon, so she has a little of both.

Okay Ava, I get it, I'll put some kind of risers under this furniture. Damn, you're tall.

Here's Dani's new place:

I'm toying with the idea of giving Felix the attic in which to brood but I never like to waste a domicile on a mere male.

Let's see what else is happening around town.

Josephine, Nikki and Marisol about to head out for a night on the town. I dunno what Bianca's doing. Maybe spending the evening pressing her collars down.

This will likely be Tallulah's place. Veronica is just hanging out. 

 Some other folks got dressed. Aoki's hat is purely to tame her bob, okay folks?

Raven is still dating Lucas. She might be getting close to ready to give up her maidenhood. Ms. Fear vamps it up in the rear. 

For some reason, I dressed a lot of dolls in more red than I usually do. And they all wanted to dress a little sexier too.  Sooki's here and wondering why Johnny Tan hasn't called. (Ignore unnamed Morgan boyfriend.)

Baily and Remi really missed each other. As soon as I dressed him and stood him beside her they sort of fell into each other's arms.

Hot Wax and Heroes is coming together. 

Recently named Maxie scoots around town.

Hans orders a drink and Raimunda is open for business. If you know what I mean.

Penny shows her sister Pia her favorite Grandville haunt, Population.

Recently named Amber tries to get Ian's attention. Ian is trying out wearing contacts to get Penny's attention.

Okay now for a tour of what I'm working with:

On the right when you walk in. Josephine's house is on the same wall as the entrance.  The gyspy vardo is on top of Fear Manor there.

Then we have Fear Manor along this wall. I've spread out grass and I'll be securing those sidewalks.

Then we have Bailey and Remi's loft.

Then we come to the back door. By the way that white thing in the middle of the room is the changing table I have been coveting for two years. It's finally mine and I have no room for it. For now it's a good portable surface to work from.

On the other side of the door, against the left wall, Ava and the vehicles (and the Grandville baths).

The record store and alleyway. 

Then Club Population and the gross bathroom. Grandville Park is usually on this desk but since the girls won't be hanging out in here much, I was thinking of putting it on the floor under one of these tables. We'll see. It's still evolving.

This house has an incredible vibe. I'm really looking forward to doing some stories and projects here.

Okay back to work!



  1. Excellent blog post. I love your photos, furniture and fashions. very cool.

  2. Okay, I'm so ridiculously excited!! This new room has an awesome vibe and I am impatiently waiting to see what you do next. The bathroom off the side of the club is amazing. Missed everyone so much!! *Cheers* to new Grandville adventures!

    1. I am excited too! Every time I turn around new stories are developing. The way certain dolls look at each other. You never expect it but suddenly, a strange new love connection.

  3. I simply love Club Population! All those posters on the walls, you even have Suede (<3) one and Blur! iIt looks so realistic! Record store is so great too! And this Tokio Hotel t-shirt <3

  4. Wow Dani, you've been busy! Everything is coming along nicely.

    Thanks for sharing the behind the scene shots.. I am always curious to see the layout as a whole.

    BTW, I love your club walls. Very eclectic!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl. I'm looking forward to doing so much more!

  5. You've been busy! Everything looks good so far. I hope you have many more play hours now that you have the space.

    1. Thanks Mustiwait! I wish I was home in that room right now!

  6. Congrats again on the new doll room! My goodness, you've been a busy little bee. The town looks so flippin' cool, I can't wait to see everyone especially my beloved/hated Hannah. :) Dani, should have given her a good ol' fashioned, earring coming off, hair pinning back..."girl, hold my baby..." beat down, before kicking Felix to the curb. ;)

    So good to have you back!

    1. Tracy, I don't think that story is done. After all, if someone burned down your studio with all your art, you'd want revenge, wouldn't you? Mouhahahah!

  7. Feel all warm and tingly knowing life is getting back to normal for your dollies. :D Oh, and for you, too. *smiles*

    1. Me too Ro! There's so much I want to do, so many stories I want to tell! I have to take a breath and think it out!

  8. YAY! I love your new doll HQ and I'm so jealous, I'd want a space like yours, my dolls are all locked and I can't keep nothing around :(

    Btw I'm thrilled foe the new adventures! Missed them

    1. Thanks Sergio! I hope you get a nice big doll room someday soon!

  9. Whoohoo! Glad to hear Grandville is getting re-setup! Can't wait to see what's happenin to the Fears.

    1. Thanks Verona! I'm going to have to do little updates for each set of characters. I don't want to do a full photostory for each but things are progressing in Grandville and I want to post about that!

  10. Loving the new town. Well the old town in the new place. Club Population looks like it's the place to be. Great club decor. Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Still lots of organizing to do but I'm having fun!


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