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The Giveaway! And more.

You guys, let's talk. After I set up Grandville in the new house, I was sort of bored. I liked getting everyone unpacked but I really didn't feel like telling my stories, posing dolls, finding outfits for them. I didn't know where to take this doll thing next.

And since my doll break at the end of last year, I've filled up my evenings with other things, especially Facebook where I remember I'm a writer again (in short blurbs). But what I don't feel like writing, are doll stories.

I was at this doll crossroads, and already donating and trading away some good stuff when I became suddenly, surprisingly aware that I was (am) pregnant! How did this happen? Well I have a few ideas. I'm 37, I had been debating whether to have another. Sometimes, I swear, I'd be sitting with the girls and think I'm hearing a 3rd kid crying in the background.

So that choice was made for me I'm very happy about it (and terrified). And the choice about dolls was made for me too. It's time to pack them up (well, symbolically. They'll still be there if I happen to have a pare moment.)  I know I'll come back to the hobby again and again the way I've done over the last 15 years. But for now, my hobby's gotta be Mom. I doubt I'll be able to resist a little furniture makeover now and again. But this hobby costs money!

Anyway I'm sure I'll still be on your blogs like a crackhead looking for a fix.

So, I recently made a trading friend, a 14 year old collector, Connor! I had an iphone that Connor made (see Raimunda using here ) and I requested more of his work for our next trade. I told him I was planning a school and I was working on a gamer character. Here's what I got:

A PS3 with two controllers:  There is a Wii too and some games.

 Love this one. It has bristles!

Some swanky shopping bags and look closely, a Hot Wax and Heroes shopping bag. I may be hormonal but a tear came to my eye.
Electronics and school supplies:
Awesome stuff, Connor. I look forward to seeing you grow even more as a collector and artist!

Okay okay the moment you've all been waiting for!!!

Congratulations! Email me to collect your prize!



  1. Congratulations, Dani! Wonderful news for the family. Your girls are adorable – whether you get a boy this time or another girl the outcome is guaranteed to be pure preciousness!

    I hear you about the doll dilemma. Sometimes it’s too much effort to work with dolls. Don’t let them make you feel guilty, their job is to give you pleasure, not the other way around. And we’ll be here whenever you feel like picking up again.

    Connor’s work is awesome. Hard to believe he’s only 14 years old. Hope we see more of his awesome talent in the future.

    Congrats to Tracy India on her win.

    Did I mention how adorable your girls are?

    1. Thanks Ro!! I'm going to live vicariously through all of you!

  2. Yeah, being Mommy always is the most important job!! Congrats!!!!

    I'd be interested in hearing about being pregnant at a bit older age too... I'm 34 and have yet to have my first kid... and I'm kinda scared witless 0_0

    1. Thanks Heather! I was 34 when I had my first. Um, older? I don't know what you're talking about. I can tell you about being a wiser and sexier pregnant person....hahah! Just kidding. If you need to chat, I'm here at vitaplastica at gmail dot com.

      But in short, I'm a sturdy gal who's always been pretty healthy. So happy pregnancies. No preclampsia, no gestational diabetes. Two great, NUMB and easy births. Your age is great for childbearing. You've done your fair share of living and you're smart enough to do your reading and be responsible. Just don't ask me about breast feeding. I'm stressing out just thinking about it.

  3. Hi Dani, congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! And your daughters are too adorable.

    Connor did do an awesome job on all his pieces, very realistic. :)

  4. A big congratulations to you and the family. That is wonderful! You know how I feel about babies. I've learned you can't force the doll stories. Dolls should be fun. Not a chore, so we understand.

    Congratulations Tracy!

    OMG, how can you not want to have lots more babies with two little precious ones like that?! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. Ooops, forgot to mention how great that you have a young trading buddy. He's doing a great job.

  6. OMG, congrats Dani!! I envy that feeling of having a lil' bun in the oven again. Oh my goodness, Connor, if you're reading are amazing! My goodness, the play station, laptop, shopping boxes, etc. I love everything you made!

    I must say, I got misty eyed having lil Ms. Iris and Isobel make the announcement...they are beautiful Dani. I would love for Story to meet them one day, she has very few girls to play with in my area. Thank you SO much for adding me to the giveaway and for the amazing gift! I have big plans for that girl. :) If you need me to, I will email you my info some time today. I hope you'll be doing pregnancy progress updates too. After all, they are little dolls too. :)

    Thanks again!!

    1. Congrats to you Tracy! I was so excited you won. Did you hear my voice get all giddy? Hee! Hope you enjoy her!

  7. Your daughters are beautiful. Good luck with your pregnancy. And Congrats Tracy! Its okay to pack your little people away. They are not going any where. Be sure to check on us if and when you get any free time. And I hope to see you post again. My blog is mustiwait1 just in case you haven't seen my version of entertainment. LOL

    1. Thanks Mustiwait! How did I miss your blog? I really need to go in and stalk my followers better! Love it!

  8. Congratulations on your coming child. Best wishes for the adorable girls you have - and I do mean the 1:1 scale ones ;-)

    Hope to see from you when you can create new stuff, but I can and will revisit your older stuff. Hope you pop by to visit my site and other sites. When you can, of course.

    Here's to continued happy mommyhood for you.

    1. Thanks D7ana! This is such a supportive community!

  9. Yay!!! Congrats Tracy (hope to see her on your blog)!! (^_^) And Dani, you already know how excited I am for your newest lil' one to enter the world! *BIG HUGS* And it goes without saying (but I am going to say it anyway) your girls are so much cooler than me!! (^_^) You should definitely let them help with future announcements (when you have them).

  10. Congrats Mrs Tracy,
    Bringing a new life into this world is the most awesome thing any women is fortunate to have. To love them is to know them :)

  11. Congratulations Dani and Tracey India!!

    Many blessings to you Dani on your new little one. I am very happy for you! Your babies are precious!!


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