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Acquisitions and a Quick Craft

Hello doll friends!

My Dad must have passed on his hoarder gene to me. He has a workshop that has taken over a small room and a two car garage. He has everything. You need to build a lamp, you got it. You want to paint 10 rooms? No problem.

Helping him clean out the garage, I end up taking a bunch of his junk and he gets to feel like he's not really throwing it away.

I got this piece out of his recycling pile. What is it?  I dunno. But I know what it's gonna be.

And then I saw this black piece.

Hey, they fit!

Cut a piece of doll box plastic to fit, hot glue and boom.


I had been drooling over Blinkydoll's Etsy shop and especially this baby. But I couldn't get it. I could not rationalize it. I do not have a kitchen good enough for this counter.

But then I came up with a nice big doll project and when I decided I couldn't be trusted to build something out of foam core for it, I thought this would be a perfect idea. Just wait a while, you'll see. I'll try to have it ready for Remi and Bailey's nuptials.

The French farmhouse style counter came with this basket, these beautiful towels and lots of hooks to hang things from.

After my order, Lea St. recognized my name from Traveling Twig's Adventure Club. Don't you love meeting doll friends this way?

Voila! Did you know that Valentina was a chef as well as a classic car restorer? Of course you didn't, I didn't even know until a week ago. She has a grease monkey reputation but she loves nothing more than being in the kitchen all day, creating new dishes. So she's trading in the motor oil for extra-virgin.

The gals at Blinky's also sent me this set of kitchen towels. This package from Blinkydoll's Boutique was amazeballs. So many presents! All wrapped up the red and white twine blow and tissue paper.

And this adorable moose shopping bag.

And these treats! They come loose so I can arrange them as I like. As you can almost see here, the reclaimed wood faintly spells out "Bordeaux Superieur". I let out a little girl scream of glee when I saw that.

This counter really classes up the whole doll town. I think I need to invest in fewer, well made things. But at $25, you cannot beat this deal. The wood is light but super sturdy. This is  going to last forever. Beautifully crafted.

"Folks, something tells me you'll be seeing more of me. Me and DJ Nadia broke up and I need to get back out there and try some new things."

ALSO!! Two, count them, two Gloria wine racks. I have been wanting that set for ages (that little bar too) but there was always something else to buy. One set has booze so desperately needed in Grandville's bar scene.

And more! Two Barbie chairs, TV and coffee table!

Man, my doll karma must be pretty good. Go check out the shop and save some stuff for me!



  1. I love what you did with that component, making it into an industrial style coffee table. By the way it is a car radio casing from the late 80's early 90's.

    1. Thanks Duke! That makes a lot of sense. He just got rid of his old van and was probably taking all the usable parts out.

  2. Yay! Congrats for your finds and for your shopping :-) I hope to put my paws on some Blinky stuff one day, when I scratch enough money. I'd like to have a room for my dolls too, sadly I have to hide them

    1. I know a doll person that uses a closet. That way they are hidden but they still have a little space. Beware, once you get a doll room, you will want to fill it!

  3. Your dad's table was a real find. I love stuff like that! Your table was definitely worth every cent. All the goodies! Enough to make a doll collector go into mini shock!

    1. Thanks Grandmommy. Yes, I freaked out, looking at all those goodies!

  4. Live the industrial look of that coffee table. I like Valentina as a chef, I think it suits her. I feel the same way about the Gloria Bar, it's definitely on my list. Nice haul!

    1. I meant "love" the table. I stay having a Zoolander moment with this iPad. :-/


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