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Goodies from Etsy

Hi doll friends!

I was going to wait to show you my new goodies from the magical land of Etsy. I got a new doll and wanted to intro her with the new items but she just wasn't having it. She stated that she had not signed any release documents indicating that she or her likeness would be used to endorse products of any nature. Once she threatened legal action, I decided to just give her her own post at a later date. Jeez.

First up is my first time order with Nommy Miniatures! For my project, I need some food that will hold up in front of the camera. *hint* Each of these sets came with two items each so it was double the value for me. This is my first polymer food purchase too. These pieces are beautifully realistic.

Next are my friends at Blinkydoll's Boutique!

After having such a good experience with the Blinkydoll gals, I went to them with a custom order that was rolling around in the back of my head for a while. I wanted a desk. A simple desk. Not an L shaped office desk (but I will be wanting that at some point...), not an impractical lady desk or one that required me to paint, but a simple wooden desk that could be in a teenager's room or a mature person's office or an extra table for parties.

But leave it to Blinkydoll to exceed my expectations like crazy! [PS: This order is for the custom desk and for the typewriter set.]

Fabulous die cast antique typewriter!

They allowed me to substitute wine and savory nibbles for the mulled wine with sweets.

They included not one, but two baskets! Loads of paper goods, folders, blueprints, etc.

Included with the desk were lots of fun goodies. Silver perfume bottles and a tiny Eiffel Tower. 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Two buckwheat pillows of mainly upcycled kimono fabric.

Another great quality shopping bag, a potted plant and a tiny bottle filled with shells, rocks and sand (or maybe salt?)

And now, my beauty. I send them a picture of a super basic desk and they seriously turned it up a notch!

This looks more like an antique desk than I could have hoped. I see endless applications!

The top is a beautiful plank style.

They also made me a hutch for the top. It's in a different wood so the stain looks a bit different. I'll use that for when I'm doing a home office or use it as a wall mounted unit.

They threw in a chair they found on ebay and kept it bare at my request. I'll probably paint it lime green or something.

And they threw in a chalkboard too! It was missing a top piece so they included this piece of wood I could paint and use.

Doll stories are dueling for who will use this set first!
 They've just added new goodies to the Etsy store so be sure to pay them a visit.

Next time, come meet the doll I never knew I wanted until a doll friend (I'm going to start calling them Dolleagues) corrupted me.



  1. I love Blinkydoll's, they are so amazing and generous. The little personal extras they added to my order for a sewing machine were awesome. I now look for reasons to buy more things from them ;)

  2. Your corndog package is so realistic! I am heading over to Blinkydolls right now and check them out. Hope their prices are in my league because their things are really nice!


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