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Another productive weekend

You guys, this summer has brought some very unusual bugs to my home. I can't even identify all the species. It's somewhat expected in the kitchen and maybe the bathroom but once they breech the perimeter of the three bedrooms (ours, baby's and dolls'), I go into some kind of a manic cleaning frenzy. One such incident in the doll room caused not only a cleaning but a much needed reorganization.

Since I'm pregnant and had to take momentary breaks, it took all day with frequent breaks.

I've eliminated my box-keeping fetish. Now only the fashion royalty boxes are still around. Nearly all the doll rooms are set up, the dolls are dressed for Josephine's dinner party, the men have their own pad which my husband calls the "gay bathhouse" seeing as they're all undressed right now.

And as I suspected, purchasing my gypsy doll has revived my interest in my caravan. I've done something I've never done before. I undid work that it took me time and care to do.

Uh, pardon the fruit, this was before my doll room was clean enough for photos. Anyway friends, the siding there (enlarge the photo) was glued on, then painted the same color, but it would look much better as natural wood. So I ripped it all off. It was all messy from hot glue anyway.

Also, the carpeting. Sigh. It started with a desire to spray lacquer the whole thing. Can't do that with the carpeting in. Yeah yeah, I could cover it, but a thought came over me. What if I DID want to sell it. I thought also of Smidge Girl's pep talk and I realize if I just work a little harder and try some patience, this caravan can be beautiful. And sellable.

So maybe hardwoods inside. These gypsy caravans are usually made of wood and maybe have some rugs but generally not wall to wall carpeting.

I've been also looking at Indian patterns. Gypsies originated in India so instead of trying to master the artistry of Roma vardos, I'm looking at mehndi shapes and patterns. Hey maybe I can even get a stencil.

All I know is I'm taking my sweet time. And I'll use my other projects to satisfy my hands' need to create.

Oh and the bed in the back of the caravan was on top of a foam core platform but in the interest of value, I've changed it to this piece of pressed wood or hard cardboard. I dunno what it is, but it's awesome.

And after wasting $50 on buying cast iron stoves that are not the right size, I've decided to make one.

I also now have a doll notebook so I can keep track of all my many projects. And I should also keep tabs on how much money the caravan is costing me.

Oh and here's a sneak peak of of the Josephine dining room.

Just gotta hang the chandelier and the ceiling medallions (wait are square shapes still medallions?). Then I can have my dinner party. Then after I'll seal the floor, antique the table, add the orange fabric. Phew.

Man I wish I had discovered the art of making realistic home decor when I was single and childless. Then again, I'd never leave the house long enough to get a husband.

I promise better caravan pics (with the interior semi decorated) once Kyori arrives. Let's think of a new name for her...



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