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She's Here!

My Flight Pattern Kyori arrived yesterday! I just bought her on Friday! I'll have to remember that ebay seller!

So now Kyori is reborn as Carmen Kirpachi, tarot reading violinist, the only child of two well respected Romany elders of two different tribes. Carmen was always a rebel, but since they both passed she's become very independent. She does not follow many Romany rules but does keep her ties with both tribes very strong.

Despite her independence, like all good gypsy girls, she would like to be married. Coming from such distinguished lineage, she has her pick of suitors. But what man can deal with such a powerful woman? Stay tuned...

She put zee gypsy curse on you!!! (Okay sorry, that's totally racist, er cultural-ist?)

Tomorrow I'll share the shot of her outside the caravan. She's sooo much taller.

Can't wait to have a doll shoot this weekend!



  1. PS: Why do newer fashion royalty gals have a weird stubby pinky? I thought my Josephine Baker was just defective. Well she does come with extra hands...

  2. omg, you did name her Carmen! Cool! I looove her new look! She was totally meant to be a gypsy! And hooray for fast shipping!

  3. She's so pretty I'm reconsidering the whole storyline that I bought her for! As a fortune teller/psychic/witch, I might have her stay single and be the conscience of the whole doll neighborhood...Or a string a lovers. Or both...hee!


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