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New Furniture!


So I'm cleaning up and organizing my studio. I decided to make my first, real collapsable background. I don't have all the stuff I wanted on hand so I put together some foam core scraps and started planning things out.

I have about 4 "brick" wall sheets of varying stages of age, disrepair and discoloration. These were printed out from Jim's Printable Minis. Might as well have a project as my furniture order still isn't here.

My studio (I still feel so pretentious calling it that) overlooks the front yard. And who do I see pull up? The most loved and hated figure in doll world, the mail man. But he was walking up the driveway with a BOX!!!

My furniture is here!!! I got it at Liz Retros on etsy. I'm giving her a shout out at the risk that all of you will be buying her stuff and nothing will be left for me. I once read an article in one of those doll mags and this lady was being really secretive about where she finds her stuff and that's just not me. So here's a picture:

Divine. The construction is beautiful. The chairs, which seem to be blocks of wood with fabric wrapped around are sturdy and heavy. The glass on the coffee table is actual glass! The cat statue is ceramic. I'm sooo pleased with it.

Then I really had to hustle to get my back walls done! I finished the blue but I need a new "view" . You can't even see it, it's so dark:

Then the room next door. Look at the window frame. Yikes!

But the Hubs, gotta love him, looked at our piece of crap house (we're renters) and said, "Hey it actually looks realistic." He suggested I stuff the cracks with clay and repaint. Sounds easy. Done.
So that's finally done.

My daughter and I were sick yesterday so I took the day off. You know how you take a Monday and it feels like a Sunday? So you don't expect mail? How happy was I when the Hubs returned from the mailbox with a little box in hand?

My very first real action figure girl! (Sorry Ms. Fear, you don't really count)

Due to her androgyny, the Hubs wanted to give her a unisex name. He called her Dusty. I like it. Part redneck, part pornstar. Here she is:

"I'm in a world of FASHION dolls? Shoot me now."

Okay homegirl is not cute, but her posability is just bananas. It's like she has a lower center of gravity or something.

Okay she's kind of cute and she photographs really well. Now let's get naked:

Jeez, look at those gazongas! How much am I loving that she's just standing on her own? Anyway let's talk flaws. The hands. They're gloved, but they're really flexible and removable. No problem. I love that she's wearing Chuck Taylor's but they are the entire foot. Good thing she came with extra feet. Oh wait:

Hmmm. Well, the blessing is that I have a boy doll who's been missing a foot with a ball connector for ages and now he may be fit to return to the dating scene.

As for Dusty, well she'll be wearing her sneakers for a while. Other flaws: the silver stud earrings. Really? She looks like a soccer mom. The necktie isn't horrible. But the hat?
Anyway, I like her a lot and I'm already planning her office.

But that's not all folks. I finished my brick wall when I realized that I was using some old brick sheets that were printed with my crappy printer (as opposed to my job's great printer with heat roller), so when I glued them down, they got discolored.

The Hubs said to cover it with something but I am trying to turn over a new, meticulous leaf, so that just won't do. Time to dig into the scraps and do some patch work.

Now that's done. Not perfect, but getting better:

Now I have a problem. When I was a teenager I was a pen pal. And in the whole goth pen pal scene, you have all sorts of fun stuff to craft up. For instance, you make friendship packages (manila envelopes covered in pictures of musicians and whatever. Then you cover it with glitter and "seal" it with clear box tape). Since then, I have an addiction to clear box tape. So before I discovered spray lacquer, I had taped up these brick walls. Then when I did the brick patch work, I had to do it again. THEN I covered with spray lacquer to sort of dull out the shine.

Now it's still too shiny for good photos. Any suggestions?

Phew, this was a long post and I still have more to write about. See you soon!



  1. Hi Dani,

    about the ankle joints on your action girl - the scare peg left in the shoe is actually not the ankle connector, it's the piece that connects the upper ankle joint part (still left in the shoe) to the lower shin. If this part is not glued down into the shoe, you should be able to pull it out (try heat water like when you're beheading a doll), rejoin it with the foot and then be able to use the feet as intended.
    Confusing? If so I apologise, English is not my native language. But I can send you a photo if that'd help. :D

    Grreting from Germany,

  2. Oooh, thank you Amithi! I will try that today. I hope she's able to wear different shoes!

  3. You're welcome. And please excuse my mistakes (my spelling is usually better), I wrote the comment before I had my first cup of coffee this morning... ;)

  4. No problem. Thanks for commenting. I'm a big fan of your blog.


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