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One Sixth Junkie

Have you ever reached a point in your collecting where you're like "Okay, I have a problem"?

I should have known this would happen during the Year of Luxury. When your main goal is to BUY, you're headed for trouble. I'm glad I decided to temper it with some craft work.

Craft goals of the remainder of 2011? Collect/make/paint doodads for my mid century apartment.

Speaking of mid century apartment, I said to the Hubs, "So what should Miho's other room be? A kitchen? A bathroom?" He vetoed both. "You already have a kitchen and a bathroom in the other houses. I think you need a new bedroom." Hmmm.

So I found some homemade stuff on ebay. But then I found this bed on etsy! I saved it to my favorites, knowing it was meant to be if it was still there on pay day. The price was awesome too.

Now I had set some money aside to pay for my laptop which is in the shop. So really there was money just sitting around. It's not like I was going to pay for my daughter's medicine or anything. The computer isn't even ready yet.

So yeah, I was just hanging out on the internet meanwhile reading the new FDQ and writing up some lists in my Year of Luxury notebook. Then I came across an article by
MaryAnn Roy. She featured MY BED. The one on my favorites lists. She was showing you how to use your 1958 wooden Mattel furniture for blah blah blah. Oh no! Surely some doll-saavy woman is going to search Etsy, find my bed and all hopes would be dashed! No!!! I needed this bed. Miho needs this bed!!! Where else am I going to find a mid century wooden bed for $50? A quick search of ebay showed no results.

Well my friends, I HAD to do it, right? Check it out HERE.

But afterwords, I felt really sick. Like the money WAS for my daughter's life saving medicine. Like I had just crossed a line. I just spent money that really wasn't mine. I stole (from myself) to support my habit. I am a sicko.

I will punish myself by not buying anything else until January 1st. Crap, that seems harsh. Okay I won't buy anything for all of November and most of December but there is one last pricey item on the mid century list and really if I can't reward myself for bringing another doll lover into the world, then it's not a world worth living in.

And if I come across a really good deal on bedding or curtains....


PS: There are still 1958 Mattel Eames inspired wooden table and chairs on Etsy. Do you know these were created before Barbie was created? Just sayin'.


  1. Been there, done that, been there, done that, been there... yeah. Oh man, I totally know that nauseous feeling you get right after you hit the Buy it Now button, and you want to say, No, waaaaait! LOL. You are not alone. I am also a sicko. I did not have a shopping addiction until I started buying doll stuff. Okay, that's a lie. But it wasn't this bad!

    But sometimes, the deal is just so good (like that bed!) that you have to snatch it up. The things that stick in my head are always the things I didn't buy. The Reading Kitchen table & chair listed on etsy for $10 that I didn't buy! The Momoko that sold for $24!!! that I didn't bid on. Enjoy being a sicko!! How many years of luxury does a girl get? ;)

  2. Hey, don't beat yourself up over it. It happens (it's called buyers remorse LOL) and I think we all do it at some point (we may not all admit it--but still...)

    Besides, like C said above-- sometimes the deal is just too good to pass up. And frankly, if you really needed money immediately for something you could turn around and sell a doll if you really, really had to. So don't sweat the small stuff.

  3. I'm so glad I have you guys to encourage my sick habit. The bed arrived yesterday and I'm really pleased with it. I'm going to work on Miho's photo bio thing this weekend so I'll have some pictures on Monday. I really have no regrets, other than Thanksgiving groceries having to come out of my savings.

  4. Yay! See, it's not that bad! Now you have an awesome bed, and grilled cheese for Thanksgiving. No biggie! ;) Can't wait to see photos!


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