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Okay I have no time for a real photoshoot, but I'm itching to talk about something doll related that isn't, "One of these days I'm going to build/buy/design blah blah." So forgive the quickly snapped, shots of my latest acquisitions:

1/6th (ish) camels. My mother gave me these. The leather one below was originally mine. I think I got it at a street fair in New York. I named him Jugdish in honor of the Seinfeld India episode. (Jerry's name in Hindi)

The saddle on this one is falling apart but I like him best I think. As you can see in this shot, Jugdish suffered a knee injury and now has an incense burner under his hoof to stabilize him. So, there are a couple projects for me.

This one was actually given to my daughter. He's the best one. He had a saddle too but I swiped it from her for my dominatrix to use.

I was looking for 1/6th chickens for my gypsy girl, Carmen. I don't know why, but I think gypsies just need to have chickens. I scoured the internet but nothing was quite right. I know Re-ment has a chicken in one of their sets, but it just wasn't worth it to me for one reason or another. Same with the farm animal sets. But then I looked through the bargain area in Target:

$1 each my friends. And each containing a hen AND a rooster. The ducks work too. A simple paint job will do wonders.

Here are the other animals. A couple can work at least...

In other news, I'm working on more character bios. I did Ms. Fear's today and it surprised and touched me. Do your characters ever surprise you while you're writing/photographing?

Also bought some scrapbook paper, but I forgot to photograph it. Next time.

What else? Oh also revitalizing my flickr account. Most of you have received new friend requests from La Vita Plastica. Here's the link:

Is there a way I can make it default on my sets instead of the photostream? The photostream is reverse order so my comics are all backward...

Okay I better go. Got two kids crying at once. One of them is faking. Ahem.



  1. If you're looking for more animals, have a look at companies like Schleich and Papo. Not everything works with the scale (most will be too small), but some of their animals work astonishingly well. ;)

  2. Those are AWESOME! Your girls look so cool riding the Camels. I gotta get myself a couple of the S.I.S. kids. I only have one AA Kelly, cute but she's an unknown doll.

    Very nice pics. :)

  3. Thanks guys! Oooh Amithi you're a bad influence! Great suggestion. They look realistic and the price is right!

  4. You're welcome. :D I use Schleich animals all the time in outdoorsy dioramas or separate shoots, but then it's second hobby for me to take pictures of them. Plus my nephew and nieces love them, so that's another excuse to have a look and maybe buy one or the other. The rabbits for example make lovely pets in 1:6.


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